About Me

Hi, I’m Jules and I am a wife, mother, lawyer and blogger living and working in Glasgow.

I have always had a keen interest in skincare and beauty and I have been reading other bloggers for a number of years. Much as I enjoyed them and still do, I began to realise more and more that as an older woman, I was under represented in the blogosphere. I found myself seeking out bloggers who had the same skincare and beauty concerns as me but found very few. That’s when I decided to set up a blog, with my Sunday name – julie-ellen. 

At julie-ellen I am interested in all the same things that other beauty bloggers are. I am passionate about skincare and makeup so generally that is what I write about, but from my own perspective, with an eye to its effect on more mature skin or a less youthful complexion.

I am still a relatively new blogger having started on October 15th 2013, but am delighted by the success julie-ellen is already experiencing and will work hard to ensure it continues to grow.

I love trying new skincare and makeup ranges and would be keen to work with brands who feel their product is suited to julie-ellen.

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