How I Save My Skin After Too Much Sun !

Oils I Use After Too Much Sun

Here is a public health announcement – always wear sunscreen!

I know that too much sun is dangerous but I have to be honest, I find the warmth on my skin so relaxing, and love the way I look when I have a bit of a tan. The sun can be very drying though so after the beautiful weather we have been having in the UK recently, I thought I would share some of the oils I have been using to keep things from getting too dry.

Oils I Use After Too Much Sun

Holiday hair for me used to be horrendous – frizzy and unmanageable. Nowadays I never travel without this Extraordinary Oil from Elvive which keeps my hair soft and super shiny. This is such a versatile product, it can be uses before or after shampooing or even as a finishing touch to prevent any hint of frizziness.

Skin-wise I try to really layer up the oils in summer and my skin really feels better after using them. I particularly love this deep cleansing oil from SBC and use it day and night in the summer months. It is quite pricy but you only need one pump to cleanse your whole face so one bottle should last till Christmas. It feels so lovely on my skin that I like to apply it then relax with a hot cloth over the top to really let it do its work, before simply wiping it away leaving my skin clean and super soft. I don’t wear too much eye makeup in summer, but this stuff really does the business so no worries if you do.

In the daytime I use my usual moisturiser but at night I love to use my Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial Oil. This stuff works miracles. I go to bed with dull, parched skin and wake up to a plumped up complexion which is simply glowing with health. Again this stuff is pricey but oh so worth it.

I find I don’t need to spend so much on body-care which is lucky cos I slather the stuff on. The Palmers Moisturising Body Oil is my go to in the summer months. It keeps my skin soft and moisturised, smells great and doesn’t cost a fortune. Result!

Oils I Use After Too Much Sun

I find the balanceMe Facial Oil a little bit too oily for daily use but it is the perfect treatment whenever my skin needs a little T.L.C.. I find using it as a mask really soothes and calms my skin if I overdo the sun a little.

Another area that need a little extra love in summer is my cuticles. Unless I am careful, they get really dry but using this Sally Hansen Cuticle Oil a couple of times a day makes all the difference and I find my summer manicure last so much longer too.

My final recommendation is something I never go on holiday without. The Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse really is a wonderful product. I  apply it to my shoulders, arms and legs to give them a beautiful golden shimmer that really shows off my tan. It also smells amazing – like holidays in a bottle. Take me back to Marbella please!

Don’t get me wrong, I do know the dangers of too much sun and do not want to encourage anyone to overdo it. If you have been away though and have caught a few rays, hopefully you will enjoy some of my recommendations.

Happy holidays x