Are These The Prettiest Makeup Brushes Around?

Wet and Wild Makeup Brushes

I can’t be alone when I confess to being a bit of a make up hoarder. I know all the TOP bloggers are doing posts on stash clear outs and its trendy these days to have a capsule makeup wardrobe but whenever I see a new release I just can’t help myself, I NEED to have it. This is even more true of makeup brushes so when I saw these little beauties, there was only ever going to be one end to the story, I simply HAD to have them. I mean look ! They’re quite clearly the prettiest makeup brushes everrrrrrrr! Luckily Wet and Wild is now stocked on Amazon so I popped straight over and brought these babies home.

Wet and Wild Powder Brush

The first brush I picked out was the powder brush ‘cos its always the powder brush right? They are the KINGS of any makeup collection – the biggest and fluffiest boys on the block. This one is absolutely no exception. As with all of the other Wet and Wet brushes, it is made out of two toned synthetic fibres which makes this collection Cruelty-Free, Gluten Free and Vegan – yay! I don’t know about you but I really prefer synthetic bristles on my makeup brushes, they don’t soak up all my precious product and who wants to apply makeup with the bristles of a wee goat !!!!!

Wet and Wild Foundation Brush

The next brush I picked out was the foundation brush because I am on an eternal hunt for the perfect foundation brush. Its really too early to say if this is THE ONE, but it is certainly THE ONE FOR NOW! It is really dense and the perfect balance of firm yet soft which I find I need for a streak free finish with my liquid foundations.

Wet and Wild Small Concealer Brush

Another brush I simply had to have was the small concealer brush. I mean just look at it. It is the perfect shape for precise application of concealer just exactly where you need it. As well as being stunning of course!!!

Wet and Wild Crease Brush

And finally, I picked up this crease brush. I am not the best at applying eye make-up so I love that it has a really long tip which makes applying dark shadows into the crease easy, even for a klutz like me! This brush would also be perfect as a final blending brush, and no-one ever has enough of those, right?

Wet and Wild Makeup Brushes

So to sum up, the quality of these brushes is excellent, the bristles are soft and there is a nice weight to them which makes them a pleasure to use. But I have saved the best for last. These brushes are RIDICULOUSLY affordable. You can pick them up from Amazon for less than a fiver each!!! Yup, a fiver for the prettiest makeup brushes in the world. So what are you waiting for? Get over there now. Don’t you know? Today’s the day to treat yo’self!!!