Maybelline Eye Eraser – the Best Concealer for Mature Eyes

Best Concealer for Mature Eyesz Best Concealer for Mature Eyesz Best Concealer for Mature Eyesz


I have been on a mission lately  to find the best concealer for mature eyes. Although I’m lucky enough to rarely get blemishes, I do suffer from dark circles and puffiness. I love using illuminating concealers to brighten my under eye area but find most of them crease and settle into my fine lines. Recently though I’ve come across the Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer which is a total game changer.


The product comes in a little bottle with a sponge tip and an auto-delivery mechanism. You just twist a couple of times, and the product is delivered onto the sponge ready to use. Initially I was quite unsure about this method of application preferring to use one of my brushes but I have actually found the sponge tip makes the product very easy to apply and blend.

Before applying my makeup, I always make sure that my skin is well moisturised, paying particular attention to my under eye area. When I used the applicator too close to my eyes, the ingredient that reduces puffiness made them water a bit so now I apply from the applicator then blend out with my beauty blender.


The concealer comes in five shades, light, nude, honey, a neutraliser and a brightener. I chose the brightener as I love that light, bright, under eye look, and this product really delivers. It instantly erases all traces of darkness and disguises the fine lines around my eyes that tell their tales of late nights and lots of laughs. Best of all I find that this product is so moisturising that it lasts for hours without creasing.


The Maybelline Eraser  is a great budget option costing just £8.99 for 6.8mls compared to £23 for just 6mls of the Nars creamy concealer.

Best Concealer For Mature Eyes?

All in all, I’m really enjoying this concealer and it really suits my skin. Is it the best concealer for mature eyes? I’m not sure but it’s certainly the best I’ve tried. What is your favourite concealer?