New Beginnings – Whatever Your Age

Julie-ellen waving

This blog is for you whatever your age.


It’s been a while, since I last posted, four months to be exact and truthfully guys, I have missed you. But in my last post I told  you that I felt that there were aspects of my life that I was unhappy with and I felt I needed to take some time to work on me, my relationships and my blog.

I may post about the personal journey I have been on in the future but today I wanted to talk about my blog. In effect this is a re-launch. I haven’t rebranded, the name and design are the same, but pretty much everything else around here is going to be different. It’s not that I don’t love this little blog of mine, I really do. I built it from nothing and over the years have worked very hard on it but I always felt that something was missing – and now I know what that was.

When I started blogging I made the mistake of thinking that in order to be ‘successful’, I had to be the same as those beautiful young influencers whose content I loved so much. I thought that my potential audience was the same as theirs and so I should write about the same things, in the same way.

I never hid the fact that I am the middle aged mother of two young adults, in fact my strap line declared that Beauty Has No Age – but deep down, I didn’t believe that, I felt like i could only ever play at being a blogger, that the blogoshere was not the place for a women of my age. It wore me out, constantly trying to be something I’m not. It started to make me feel bad about myself and I needed to reassess.

So me and my blog had a bit of a fall out and decided to take a break. And while we were on our break, I had a bit of a thing with Instagram. Sorry but you know, we were on a break. I have fallen in love with Instagram to be honest, I have found a community of women women in their middle years, who still love beauty, still love fashion, just like me. I have been so inspired by these women. They don’t shy away from their age, they embrace it. They look forward never back. They take the best of what’s in fashion and what suits their style and they ROCK it, whatever their age!

I guess what I am saying is that I felt my blog lacked authenticity. I was writing what I thought you wanted to read and not really sharing who I am. So you might notice some changes around here. Obviously my focus will always be on beauty because makeup and skincare are my first love, and I hope whatever your age, you will continue to find something of interest in those kind of posts. But moving forward, I also intend to put up more style posts and if you are in your twenties these almost certainly won’t be for you. But that’s okay. Because for me, Lizzie Hadfield has style covered!  If you don’t already watch her You Tube Channel then get over there now – her testing basics is a Must Watch !

To cut a long story short, I guess what I am saying is that I am enjoying being me – whatever my age. More importantly, that this blog is for you, whatever YOUR age. All that matters to me, is that we enjoy it!