The Kir Royale Dessert – Champagne Jelly and Chambord Cream

The Kir Royale Dessert - Champagne Jelly and Chambord Cream


When I was planning my Christmas dinner, I hunted around for ages looking for the perfect dessert. I wanted something that would look and taste spectacular but I knew it had to be light after all the heavy courses already eaten. I really couldn’t find anything that fit the bill so decided that I would adapt a summer recipe I had for champagne jelly to create a Kir Royale Dessert.

Champagne Jelly and Chambord Cream


500mls cheap cava or prosecco

4 gelatine leaves

1 punnet Strawberries – dehulled and halved

1 punnet raspberries

1 punnet blackcurrants

60g caster sugar

300g boiling water

600mls whipping cream

200 mls chambord

Edible golden glitter



Place leaves in cava and set aside.

Dissolve sugar in boiling water and simmer for 5 mins.

Remove leaves from wine and squeeze out all the liquid they’ve absorbed.

Remove syrup from head and add leaves whisking till they disappear.

Slowly add the syrup to the wine gently stirring to combine – don’t whisk you want to keep the bubbles.

Cool then place in the fridge for an hour then add the berries.

Leave overnight to fully set.

In the morning whip the chambord into the cream.

Continue to whip until forming peaks.

Add to top of jelly then decorate with festive glitter.


I liked serving this dessert in my trifle bowl but it would think it would also look amazing in individual champagne flutes. However you serve it this is a simple yet beautiful dessert that would work for any occasion.

I hope you love it.

Byeee x