7 Days #5

OH-EM-GEE- It is the last Sunday before Christmas and frankly I am almost hysterical with the excitement of it all. This is absolutely my favourite time of year with scented candles, copious amounts of alcohol and of course family —but more of that later.

Before I get too carried away about Christmas, its time to look back on my last 7 days.

Fake Bake lip gloss

I recently attended the first birthday party of Pixie Hair and Beauty as a guest of the very lovely Melissa of The Beauty Business. When I left I was given a super generous goody bag with cake, and hair products, and these two glosses from Fake Bake. I have to admit I really am not a fan of lip gloss so didn’t think I would get much use out of these but I was in a rush one morning and grabbed the nude, and what can I say, I am smitten.In the tube these products look quite glittery but on the lips you really don’t see the glitter. It’s like an optical illusion, your lips just look deliciously plumped up. It’s a gloss, so there is a bit of stickiness but nothing so bad that you get hair stuck to your lips lol!!!!

Neon Perfect Peace Scented Candle

Christmas for me is all about candles and I had heard that Neom make some of the best out there so when I saw this little beauty in Marks and Spencers – and with 20% off with my Sparks card – I didn’t hesitate to pop it in my basket. To be fair it smells amazing, but if I am honest, I have been really disappointed in it. The first time I lit it, it was beautiful and my house smelled spectacular but after that first time, it all went a bit pear shaped. The candle seems to be unbalanced, the wicks get clogged with wax, so it burns unevenly and worst of all, makes my house smell really smokey. This wasn’t a budget candle and I bought it thinking it would last throughout the Christmas period but I will now have to trek into the White Company for a replacement. I did tweet Neom who told me I could return it to M&S for an exchange or refund. Well I did know that Neom, thank goodness for Marky’s, but I could have done without having to go back into town and brave the queues, just cos your product was faulty. Not good enough Neom!

This was the week our Christmas tree finally went up. It came from Ikea and cost just £25 plus we received a £20 voucher to spend in the January sales. What a bargain!! I don’t think the photograph really does it justice but I was really pleased with it. I lost the battle to ditch the tinsel though but I still love it.

Mac Prep + Prime Fix+

On Thursday I shared my love for this little beauty, Mac Prep + Prime Fix+. I resisted buying this product for so long because I really didn’t get what it does. My daughter had a bottle though and totally raved about it. Well you know how it is, FOMO and all that, so I treated myself and WOW! So what does it do? Everything frankly! I spray it on my face for a boost of hydration before starting my makeup. I spray it on my brushes before using them to make blending easier for flawless application. And when I am finished, I spray my face again to get rid of any cake face and set my makeup. Seriously I will never be without this product again. I know it looks and feels like water guys, but it is magical – get it on your Christmas lists!!!

Friday night fizz – what more can I say. It’s nearly Christmas. Time to get the party started!!!!

Two Faced Better than Sex mascara

I have never tried this mascara before but I have read about it EVERYWHERE. And that name??? I am on an eternal search for my perfect mascara. One that gives me longer, curlier, fuller lashes without clumping.To the gods of all that is beautiful, let this be the one!!!

As always, I have saved the best till last. My beloved son has been in China for the last 8 months and I have missed him terribly. But he is coming home for Christmas. He leaves China at midnight tonight (Sunday 18th) and will arrive home tomorrow at 10pm. For two whole glorious weeks. I feel quite tearful typing this. My little family together again – that is everything I want for Christmas right there.

So next week’s 7 days is likely to be more about Christmas and family than beauty and makeup. It is likely to be a little gushy and sentimental but I am sure you will forgive me for that. It is Christmas after all.

I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas. I hope this time is filled with peace and love for you all. And a glass or two of something fizzy of course xxx