7 Days #3

Another lazy Sunday afternoon! As I sit here with face pack and hair mask doing their thing, I thought I would share with you some of the beauty and style highlights of my week.


I was once told by a very beautiful and glamorous older lady, that you can should never try to reverse the lines and wrinkles that age brings as they tell the story of your life. Instead I try to maintain a healthy, youthful complexion by adding a little natural glow. To that end I am currently adding a few drops of this serum by Matriskin which has 5% Vitamin C and am really enjoying using it. Some serums with higher percentage Vitamin C can irritate so I am easing my skin in gently.


Having added some brightness using vitamin c in my skincare, I then like to use a primer which neutralises any darkness remaining under my eyes, around my nose or at the corners of my mouth. I first tried this Radiant Primer by MUF around a month ago now but have used it every single day since. It has truly been a game changer for me. If I am having a no makeup day, I apply it on top of my moisturiser to even out my skin tone. If I am wearing makeup, I apply it under my base to add an extra shot of hydration which makes my base sit better on my skin, not caking or settling into my lines and wrinkles. This product has no shimmer or highlighting properties, it just makes my skin look brighter and more youthful. I bloody love it and highly recommend it to everyone.


I feel like everyone already uses the Aussie haircare range – and if not, why not? Are you crazy? It is as effective as the most expensive haircare brands on the market but I picked up all three of the products above for £10 in Asda.


Let me introduce you to another of my hero products – the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector.  I feel like everyone should have this in their makeup stash. It can be used in so many ways that it could adapt to any makeup style. I like to apply it to the high points of my face before foundation for a very natural glow or over my foundation for a highlight that really pops! You could even add it to a matte foundation to transform it into a dewier base. In the summer I love adding a pump or two into my body cream to add a beautiful subtle gleam to my legs and arms. It is a pricey product but treat yourself once and you will have it forever. The gift that keeps on giving :-).


Given my love of glowy skin, you may be surprised by my current choice of foundation – because it is matte, absolutely matte. It also offers the fullest coverage of any base I have every tried. And it is waterproof, so lasts until you take it off. So basically everything I want in a winter foundation. Because you can always add some glow right?


Excuse the dark photo but I really did not want to mess about with the colours in this palette at all. Because it is absolutely perfect. No boring neutrals here, just the richest, most luxurious, jewel toned shades that are absolutely perfect for a Christmas night out. There are loads of tutorials on the tube on how to use The Dolce Vita Luxury Palette but check out my favourite by the artist herself.



So with everything and everybody going Christmas crazy all around me, I thought I would put off the inevitable glitter overload and chose this cool, understated yet sophisticated nude instead. What do you think?