7 Days #1

So its a new week, but before I head off to my 9-5, I thought I would share with you my favourite products of the last 7 days.

Kiko Cleansing Eyes and Lips


On Monday I highlighted my current favourite Eye and Lip Make Up Remover from Kiko. Not only does it remove even the heaviest eye makeup with no rubbing or pulling but it can even remove my NYX Lip Lingerie. Impressive!!!

Inca Rose Diamond White


On Tuesday I introduced you to the most beautiful lip balm I have ever seen. The Inca Rose White Diamond contains extra pure Hyaluronic to keep your lips plump and juicy no matter what the weather is doing. Pretty good huh – plus the translucent bullet is simply spectacular looking!

Opur Foot Gel


On Wednesday I shared with you my latest foot fancy, the Opur foot get. In winter my feet go from boots to slippers and never see the light of day. With party season fast approaching though, I need to make my crusty hooves a little more respectable and this product is really helping me out. It is a spray gel that is super speedy to apply, absorbs in seconds yet somehow delivers a hefty dose of moisture. Bonza!!!

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel


Thursday’s offering is a golden oldie but simply perfect for this time of year. The Oskia Cleansing Gel is everybody’s favourite for a reason. It gets the skin deep down clean but without leaving it the slightest bit tight or dry. It genuinely feels like a treatment on the skin. My all time favourite cleanser.

Ren Bio Retinol


Friday’s favourite was my moisturising duo from the Ren Bio Retinol range. I bought this from M&S and have really been enjoying using it. I apply the moisturiser on it’s own in the morning and add a few drops of oil to it in the evening transforming it into a night cream! Simple but beautifully effective.


Saturday nights are party nights and no party makeup is complete without lashes. At my age I can feel a little silly wearing the caterpillar style lashes beloved of the younger generation but I still like to add a little glamour to my look. That’s where Mature Lashes come into their own. Perfect for a subtle, sopisticated look. Me likee.

Cacay Naturals


Sunday’s treat is a treatment oil from Cacay Naturals, a professional anti-aging treatment made of 100% cacay oil. It claims to reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture but does it deliver? I have been using it under my moisturiser for a few weeks now and so far am really enjoying it.

Have I noticed a reduction in wrinkles? No!

An improvement in the smoothness of my skin? Maybe!

If I continue to enjoy this product, I will write a full review in a few weeks so watch this space.


Have a great week.

Jules xx