A Perfect Friday Night at the Glasgow Fort

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I have always been a HUGE fan of the Bridget Jones movies so when I heard about Bridget Jones’ baby, I couldn’t wait for it’s release date. Finally the big day arrived and we headed out to the Glasgow Fort, my favourite shopping centre, located just a few miles from Glasgow City Centre and home to all of my favourite bars and restaurants. Best of all it has almost 2000 free parking spaces  or if you fancy a tipple, it is well served by public transport.

Before heading to the cinema, we popped into one of our best loved eateries, Frankie and Benny’s  New York Italian Restaurant and Bar. Visiting F&Bs is like popping in to see an old friend, the staff are so welcoming and the menu so varied that you are always guaranteed a great night.

When we arrived the restaurant was busy so we were shown to the bar where we relaxed with a Hendricks while waiting for our table to be ready. It wasn’t long before we were ensconced in our booth, menus in hand, deliberating over which dishes to try. Usually I go for a burger or steak when I visit F&Bs but this time we both plumped for pasta. I chose Mama’s Spicy Meat pasta and my daughter picked Penne with Chicken and Mushroom – both were absolutely delicious but I think mine narrowly took the prize!

To wash the food down I ordered a beer while Bex went for a Mango Melba. What can I say, this cocktail was less a drink and more a dessert, a deliciously alcoholic dessert. It was absolutely lush!!!

Once we had finished we toddled across to the Vue. If you haven’t been, the Vue cinema at the Glasgow Fort is a state-of-the art multiplex containing 8 screens, three of which are equipped with Real D 3D technology. It is the only cinema in Scotland with Dolby Atmos, which produces the richest, most powerful and realistic audio imaginable.

Before we went into our showing, we picked up some munchies and yes more alcohol (don’t judge). We needn’t have bothered though, there was a bar cart serving wine or prosecco present throughout the film.

And so to the film. As I said at the start, I am a huge fan of all of the Bridget Jones films and this was no exception. I won’t spoil the film for those of you who haven’t seen it but will tell you that Bridget has got her act together and become a top news producer. Finally her life is under control until the unthinkable happens, and she finds herself pregnant. So whose the daddy? Well she really can’t be sure….

I loved the film which rounded off another great night at the Glasgow Fort. I wonder what’s on next?