My Skincare and Makeup Haul from Kiko Milano at the Glasgow Fort

Kiko Cosmetics at the Glasgow Fort

There is nothing I enjoy more than browsing makeup counters, swatching all the lipsticks until I have barely an inch of my arm still visible. But nothing ever really compares to the dedicated makeup stores they have abroad. You know the kind of place – no fashion, no homeware, no stationary,  just makeup, makeup, everywhere.

How exciting then to hear that Kiko Milano were coming to the UK and even more exciting that they were opening a store in my favourite shopping centre, the Glasgow Fort. I am sure you are all sick of hearing how much I love that shopping centre, situated just a few miles from Glasgow City Centre, it has all of my most loved shops, almost 2000 free parking spaces and a fabulous multiplex cinema (read more about that here).

The one thing that was missing was a store dedicated to all things beauty – until now!!

I was so happy to be invited along to the Glasgow Fort to see the Kiko Milano store for myself . I spent a happy afternoon there checking it out. The kind people at Kiko and the Glasgow Fort had kindly offered to gift me a few pieces but when I saw the huge range of makeup, skincare and accessories offered by the brand, I just could not resist throwing quite a few extras in my basket.


So let’s have a look at what I got.

Kiko Milano from Glasgow Fort

Kiko Milano at Glasgow Fort

The first thing I picked up was this brilliant little brush kit. Perfect for travelling, or even just popping into your handbag, each brush is double ended meaning you really do have everything you need for touch ups on the go. Best of all, Kiko have maintained the quality of these brushes which are super soft and did their job just as well as the full sized versions.

Kiko Milano at Glasgow Fort

I also picked up a sponge. I used to own a beauty blender but I lost it and they are so expensive, I really couldn’t justify buying another. I have purchased copies before but the quality just wasn’t there. This little sponge by Kiko though is really quite different. It is super dense which I like as the softer sponges eat up all my product and as well as the rounded end, it had a pointed on which really helps to get in amongst the contours of your face.

Kiko Milano at the Glasgow Fort

I was blown away by the number of different foundations on offer and the huge range of shades. I picked up the Unlimited Foundation and have been really impressed with it. I love that it comes in a glass bottle with a built in pump unlike many more expensive products. The quality of the foundation is really good, it is so easy to apply and blends beautifully. Finish wise it gives full coverage with a natural matte appearance and it lasts, and lasts and lasts.

Kiko Milano at Glasgow Fort

Next I spotted the eyeliners and picked up two; a black liquid liner – always a staple, and a brown pencil liner for days when I want a softer look. The liquid liner doesn’t last as long as some but it gives a precise blacker than black line which is great for a night out. The pencil liner has become a real favourite of mine. It does last really well and can be applied as a precise liner or smudged with the attached rubber blender for a sexy smoky look.

Kiko Milano at Glasgow Fort

I’ve been having a bit of a love affair with lip pencils recently. I use them to line my lips, as a base for lipstick and sometimes I use them alone on my lips for a long lasting matte look. I bought two Kiko Everlasting Colour Precision Lip Liners and have been wearing them pretty much every day since I got them. They really do live up to their name, I apply them in the morning and despite numerous cups of coffee, do not need to reapply till after lunch.

I also tried the Kiko Pencil Lip Gloss and really liked it too. I am not usually that keen on lip gloss, but I keep this in my bag and apply whenever I feel my look needs a little extra something!

Kiko Milano at the Glasgow Fort

With all those pencils, I thought I had better pick up a sharpener too and what can I say – it does the job brilliantly, and holds the shavings neatly until you have the chance to empty it.


As well as makeup and accessories, Kiko also offers skin care which after makeup is my favourite thing, so I couldn’t go home without a few products to try.

Kiko Milano at the Glasgow Fort

The first product I popped into my basket was the Bright Lift Serum,  which contains marine collagen, an ingredient I know my skin really loves. The serum has a beautifully light, silky texture with a slight iridescence which gives instant results while the active ingredients work on longer term improvements to the skin. My mother at 82 has the most beautiful skin. It is lined of course, but it has a beautiful glow that makes her looks years younger than she is. I hope that at her age my skin has a similar glow and love using products like this which really deliver those results.  Kiko Milano at the Glasgow Fort

The next product I tried was this eye and lip cleanser which reminds me of the Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover and is just as effective for a fraction of the price.

Kiko Milano at the Glasgow Fort

The last product I picked up was a pair of Kiko Intensive Foot Socks. These come in a sachet which contains a pair of plastic socks filled with a rich serum which works hard overnight to soften and smooth your feet. I have the most awful feet in the world and the socks even made a noticeable difference to them. Maybe if I pick up a few more sachets and treat my feet once a week, they will one day be fit to be seen. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a link on the website to the socks, but I am sure you’ll be able to pick them up in your local store.


As you can tell I got well and truly carried away in the Kiko store. I just couldn’t resist all the pretty things. Luckily the prices are all ridiculously affordable so I had enough left for a quick drink to recover from the excitement of my first visit to Kiko Milano.