My Fitness Files – the Trinity Programme

The Trinity Fitness Programme

Trinity Fitness Plan Trinity Fitness Plan Trinity Fitness Plan Trinity Fitness Plan Trinity Fitness Plan


So as I mentioned in my Life Update  post, this year I have been all about my fitness. I successfully completed the Body Coach programme in February and have lost a total of 2 stones and 21 inches – yay for me! The Body Coach is a very structured programme with detailed nutrition and exercise plans which I found suited me very well. (If anyone is interested in a review post on the Body Coach, I would be happy to do one.)

After I graduated from Body Coach, I started the Michael Matthews One Year Challenge but although I have been loving the exercise side of this programme, lifting heavy then even heavier, I have really missed having a detailed eating plan and found myself having way too many treats and cheats.

So I have been looking around for another fitness programme and think I have finally found one that will be perfect for me. Train, Eat, Gain is a fitness company set up by two of the fittest (and hottest) young men you will ever have the pleasure of setting your eyes on. More to the point though they really know their fitness. Both are PTs who began their careers at Bath University and offer a combined total of 15 years experience of helping other get into tip top shape. Their fitness philosophy is that to get in shape and stay there, you have to Trainget your exercise right, Eatget your diet right and Gainget your mindset right. To reflect the three steps of their fitness programme they have named it Trinity!

The programme costs £45/mth and lasts for 3 months initially. What you get for your money is;

  • 90-Day Bikini Body Blueprint
  • Weekly Check-Ins
  • TRINITY Workout Plan
  • TRINITY Nutrition Plan
  • TRINITY Mindset Routine
  • TRINITY Facebook Community
  • TRINITY Member’s Area
  • Unlimited Support
  • 10+ Hours Video Coaching

When it came time to sign up, I went for the Black Box Upgrade which costs £90/mth. This gets me everything that comes with the basic plan but also includes;

  • VIP Live Coaching Calls
  • TRINITY Black Box Membership Card
  • TRINITY Black Box Cookbook
  • TRINITY Black Box Workout Guide
  • TRINITY Black Box Handbook
  • TRINITY Black Box Mindset & Tracking Journal
  • Hard Copies of All TRINITY Training Content
  • Tape Measure

There is a third copy of the plan, the super delux  Elite which costs an eye watering £2000 but starts with a 3 day retreat with the boys. One can only dream! In case you are feeling spendy, this also includes;

  • 3-Day Live Coaching Retreat
  • Personalised Action Plan
  • Weekly Face-to-Face Coaching Calls
  • ELITE Facebook Group
  • ELITE Gym Bag
  • ELITE Journal
  • ELITE Filtered Water Bottle
  • ELITE Pen
  • 24/7 Voxer Helpline

I received my plan a couple of days ago and so far have been really impressed by how personally tailored to me that my plan seems and the level of support and coaching which is included. I intend to spend this weekend reading the programme and watching the introductory videos I have been sent. It all seems quite straightforward so far but I will update you next week.

Wish me luck!!!