Up Your Blogging Game with a Blogger’s Journal

Blogger's Journal


I recently took a break from blogging. It was a really hard decision to make but once I had stopped writing, I found it really hard to get started again. I missed everything about blogging – the photography, the writing itself, the social media, the focus it gave my spare time – but somehow having stopped, I totally lost my blogging mojo! Then one day as I was browsing in Paperchase I spotted this Blogger’s Journal from Let’s Squawk. I immediately fell for the styling of the journal. I adore the texture of it’s rattan cover with the words Blogger’s Journal embroidered at the top and the appliquéd shubbery to the side – isn’t it adorable?


Bloggers Journal Mission and Goals
Bloggers Journal Calendar of Scheduled Posts


But it was when I opened it that I was truly sold. This journal has everything that any blogger could ever need to really up their blogging game.

At the front of the Blogger’s Journal there is a section for you to state your blog’s mission statement, with space to set monthly and yearly goals and identify what steps you are going to take to ensure you reach them. I am a huge fan of setting goals in every area of my life and that includes blogging. I believe that when you identify precisely what you want to achieve, it makes it easier to establish what you have to do to get there. By keeping records you’ll quickly spot what works for you and your readers – and what doesn’t – making it easy to improve your blog and increase your follower’s enjoyment of what you write.

Next in the Blogger’s Journal is a calendar section to help you plan and schedule posts. Scheduling posts is something I have always done as I find it saves me so much time and helps me stay organised. At the beginning of each month I sit down and write a rough outline of what posts I have planned for the coming weeks. Writing this down helps me keep my blog balanced as I can see at a glance if for example I have too many reviews scheduled and I can huffle posts around if necessary.


Bloggers Journal Income and Expenses


For me, my blog has never been about money and so I am ashamed to say I have never kept any record of my blogging income and expenses. As I have been offered more paid opportunities though, I have started to worry about the tax man knocking on the door. The thing is that although I have made a fair amount of cash from my blog over the last few years, I have spent a small fortune on it too. I am sure we all have. Mac books, Ipads, Iphones, office space, furniture, accessories, travelling to events and of course all of the fashion and makeup that we write about – it all adds up. When all of my expenses are taken into account, there is NO WAY my blog makes a profit on which I could be taxed but if the taxman DID come to call, I would have to prove that. So from now on I intend to record in my Blogger’s Journal every penny I earn from my blog and every penny I spend in connection with it. It may be frightening to see written down, but not half as frightening as a debtors jail.


Bloggers Journal New Post Ideas


I have to admit that I tend to note most of my post ideas on my phone but I find this New Post section really useful to work through exactly what I have to do to get the idea from my phone onto my blog. It’s like a to do list for each post, reminding me what I have to get, what pictures to take, when to edit the post, when to schedule it, and where and when to promote it. Get me!!!

Finally at the back of the Blogger’s Journal is a plain lined section that I am using for the details of my contacts whether they be other bloggers, Brands or PRs. Invaluable!

Bloggers Journal Blank Lined Pages


I can honestly say that it was treating myself to this Blogger’s Journal that gave me the kick up the bum that I needed to start posting again. If you feel your mojo slipping then maybe you should treat yourself to a Blogger’s Journal too. Or you could be the cutest friend ever and buy one for your blogging bestie.

The Blogger’s Journal from Let’s Squawk is available in store or online here and costs £15.