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Weekend Workouts

Woohoo – c’est le weekend ! Two whole days free to spend however we choose. For those of us on the eternal quest towards feeling healthy and looking FIT, instead of eating takeouts, drinking shots and making merry, it’s all about eating clean, drinking green and breaking sweat.

Back in the real world though, I do like to spend a little time at weekends looking back over my weeks fitness efforts to see what has worked for me and what hasn’t. Welcome to the Weekend Workouts, a new weekly series  where I will share with you my  favourite recipes, workouts, fitness fashion and even my top tunes to sweat to – Nice!!!

Workout of the Week Over the last few months I have really let my fitness go. I blame the weather. Usually in summer it is all about running outside but this year the sun has been conspicuous by its absence around these parts. As a result, I have spent more time than is healthy, cuddled up on the sofa with a glass of wine and a takeout, watching Netflix. As a result, my fitness levels are at an all time low. Determined to stop the rot, I have done my research and found a program which claims I can get fit in just 12 MINUTES A DAY! The XBX was developed by the Canadian Air Force and has been used by Dame Helen Mirren to keep her self in the kind of shape that women 30 years her junior can only dream about. It consists of 10 simple exercises like leg raises and arm circling, which increase in difficulty as the fitness levels rise. Anyone can commit to 12 minutes a day right? I will report back on progress.

Recipe of the Week My favourite meal of the day is breakfast and this week, it has been mostly about porridge. Oats are amazingly healthy –  naturally gluten free, they stabilise your blood sugar, which helps to prevent mid-morning cravings. I love porridge however its made but my favourite recipe of the week is my very own Tropical Oats. I mix a tablespoon of dessicated coconut with 30 grams of oats and add about 150 mls of almond milk and 50 mls of light coconut milk. I pop it in the microwave for about 2 minutes then pour into a bowl and top with half a cup of pineapple and mango chunks. This week I used fresh fruit but you can use frozen, just add it before cooking. Finally drizzle with a tspn of raw honey and enjoy the most amazingly delicious brekkie. Seriously try it – you will thank me.

Workout Beat of the Week I admit it, my taste in workout music is more than a little cheesy.  For a tune to make it onto my playlist it has to be upbeat, with lyrics I can sing along to when I need to distract myself from the pain. This week’s Workout Beat is a draw between Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘I Really Really Like You’ and OMIs ‘Cheerleader’ but I am always open to suggestions – what music helps you to keep going when you really would much rather stop?

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