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The Beauty Bloggers Link Up Week 10

So it is week 10 of the Beauty Blogs Link Up and I am so glad that so many of you are taking part in this link up every week. I hope you all enjoy reading the posts and have found some new blogs to add to your reading lists.

If you have joined the link up before as a blogger or a reader or both then you can skip straight to the links at the end of this post but it you are new to the Beauty Blogs Link Up then keep reading to find out what it is all about.

I have always loved link ups. I love finding new blogs to read and of course am always keen to find ways to encourage readers to visit my own blog Over the years I have been blogging I have found lots of different link ups but they all seem to be aimed and lifestyle or fashion blogs rather than beauty blogs like mine. I started to look around for a link up aimed specifically for beauty posts but weirdly there were hardly any so I decided to start my own.

Welcome to the Beauty Blogs Link Up!

It really is simple. Just pick a beauty post you have published in the last 7 days and click on the link. Follow the directions – ET VOILA!!!

The more links we have the more fun this will be. You can help make this link up more successful by sharing this post on twitter using the tag – #abeautyloverslinkup. Remember that in order for you to get maximum traffic for your post, people need to know that the link up is here. I will be promoting it but it would really help if you would promote it too.

Apart from that – just have fun with it. If a post catches your eye check it out, if you enjoy it leave a comment saying so and if you find a blog you love, then follow it. It’s easy.

To add your link to the beauty Blogs Link Up just click the link below.

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