Christmas is Coming at Chiquito, Glasgow Fort

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So regular visitors around these parts will know that my favourite shopping centre is the Glasgow Fort. Situated just a few miles from Glasgow City Centre, it has all of my favourite shops, almost 2000 free parking spaces and a fabulous multiplex cinema (read about my trip to see Spectre here).

After a hard days shopping, or before a date night at the Vue cinema, there’s nothing better than treating yourself and your other half to a bite to eat and one of my favourite places to visit at the Fort would have to be Chiquito.

I was invited to pop along to Chiquito last week to sample their brand new Christmas menu and took along my trusty Canon to share the night with you all. Hope it doesn’t make you hungry…

Before we move on to the food – isn’t the decor lovely? I adored the sombreros.

Im sorry you can’t hear the music, it was like Mexican and Christmas music fused, lol! Sounds strange I know but it added to what was already a lovely ambience.

On arrival we were quickly shown a drinks menu to each choose a Christmas cocktail from. My husband chose a Merry Mojito which of course I had to sample (for the purposes of this review of course). The only words I can use to describe are Christmas in a Glass, mulled wine crossed with just a hint of mojito – perfect.

I opted for a Santa’s Sparkler – a gorgeous blend of elderflower & prosecco. Would you believe it was actually glittery? I mean perfect, right?

As we were sipping our drinks, we were served with a platter filled with tasters of the starters and mains from the new menu – here are my favourites…

Spinach and Feta Taquito’s – I loved these, they were fresh and full of flavour with a real kick at the end.

Chorizo and Sweet Potato Hot Cakes – Another super tasty dish with a delicious, cranberry salsa which was the perfect accompaniment.

Bbq Chicken and Red Pepper Skewers – This dish really was an explosion of flavours on the tongue. The chicken breast was perfectly cooked  and the peppers were deliciously crunchy. The barbeque sauce was tangy with a strong paprika kick and not too sweet which I enjoyed.

Lamb and Mint Burgers – I wasn’t sure I was going to like this one but it was actually really, really good. A nice solid burger with a lot of mint, topped with feta which combined really well with the other flavours.  Yummy…

The staff then brought us wipes for our hands which I really liked. There is nothing worse than eating a platter of fingerfood and having messy fingers for the rest of the night.

Just as we were sitting back finishing off our cocktails, our server appeared back at our table with a stunningly presented tray of sweet treats. After some very half hearted protests we both got stuck in. And this is what we ate…

Chocolate Stuffed Churros – These were glorious, not greasy all all, just crispy and warm and stuffed full of goey, chocolatey goodness.

Lemon Drizzle Cake – Who doesn’t love a bit of lemon drizzle cake and this was a good ‘un. Lovely, moist sponge filled with tangy lemon curd – to die for.

Honeycomb Ice Cream – This is usually a side, but this ice cream was definitely good enough to star in it’s own show. Delicious butterscotch toffee-toasty goodness!!!

But my favourite dessert of the night was without a doubt the Banana and Brownie Sweet Taco – Not one to order on a first date, this dessert was super messy but seriously delicious. Think banana, think brownie, think heaven on a plate….

So next time you are in the Glasgow Fort, or indeed in the vicinity of any of the other Chiquitos nationwide, just pop in and ask to see their Christmas Fiesta Menu. At just £16.95 for 2 courses it is a TOTAL bargain – and if you are a student or a member of the armed forces you get 25% off. Bigger bargain!!!

And just to add a bit of extra spice to your night – watch out for an angel. Chiquito Angels are beautiful souls. They love to pick up their diners’ tabs, so perhaps they’ll pick up yours? You can’t miss them – lovely wings, and heavenly smiles – and they could drop by your table at any time and bless you by tearing up your bill.

So what are you waiting for – find out where your nearest Chiquito is here and pop along tonight. I genuinely cannot think of a better way to see off the Monday blues.

Have you tried the Christmas Fiesta menu at Chiquito’s? What was your favourite dish?