My Make Up Collection – Eye Shadow Palettes

Red Lipsticks 1 - 1

Regular readers of my blog may have been following my photo series introducing my makeup collection which is stored within this handy little storage unit from Ikea called the Helmer. So far I have shown you my lipsticks – the reds, the pinksthe purples and the plums and the nude and neutrals – this week I would like to introduce you to my eye shadow palettes.

Eye Shadow Palettes - 1

I recently had a huge clear out of palettes – the ones that are left are in my opinion, the creme de la creme.

Eye Shadow Palettes - 1 (4)

I treated myself to this palette when I earned my first wage. It was the first high end palette I ever owned and I felt almost wicked spending so much money on make up. But there was something about this little palette that spoke to me. It is from the Les 4 Ombres collection by Chanel – is number 95 Sparkling Satins and I absolutely loved it then and still love it now. It looks super glittery in the palette but on the eye it gives an almost metallic shine that I adore.

Eye Shadow Palettes - 1 (3)

My second Les 4 Ombres by Chanel quad was a leaving present from colleagues – I have since returned to that workplace lol. It is number 208 called Tisse Gabrielle and the colours are more subtle and smokier than my original quad, but with the same metallic gleam.

Eye Shadow Palettes - 1 (2)

My nexr palette was part of a GWP from Estee Lauder and it is the perfect palette for travelling. I am not a fan of the lipsticks in these sets – I find they get sticky and a bit gross – but the range of shadows in this kit means that all I  need to add are a brow product and mascara and my eye makeup is covered.

Eye Shadow Palettes - 1 (5)

This palette is the only makeup I have ever tried from Sigma but the eyeshadows are genuinely the best quality I have ever used. The texture is super soft and buttery and they blend so perfectly that they make even my cack handed, make up application look good. I wrote a whole review of this palette here – seriously if you treat yourself to one piece of make up this month, make it an eyeshadow from Sigma.

Eye Shadow Palettes - 1 (6)

Next up is the Narsissist Palette from Nars. Fifteen gloriously buttery, highly pigmented neutrals with a difference; some are matte, some are shimmery, some are frosted but all are quite beautiful. If you are interested I reviewed this palette in detail here – in summary, it is a sophisticated combination of the most beautiful eye shadows I have ever owned.

Eye Shadow Palettes - 1 (1)

The Smoky Palette from Urban Decay is a recent addition to my palette collection and again I have reviewed in in detail here. If you love dramatic eye makeup this is a must have but it offers so much more than that. Personally, I am a huge fan of the golds, the silvers, and the bronzes. I also love the mixture of shimmers and mattes. Most of all though, I love the quality of the Urban Decay shadows – a total joy to use.

Eye Shadow Palettes - 1 (7)

But the pride of my eye shadow collection is this palette from Mac. It took me almost a year to build and I use and love every single shadow in it. Watch out for my ‘Whats In My Mac Palette‘ post, coming up soon…

Eye Shadow Palettes - 1 (8)

And finally my newest palette – the Mac Warm Neutrals. I have only owned this for a couple of weeks now but already I am in love. If you like the look of this palette, you could win one for yourself by entering my Birthday Giveaway here.

I really love the eye shadow palettes in my collection but there is always room for just one more. If you had to recommend palette which would you choose? Go on – enable me x