WooHoo I am on Holiday :-) – julie-ellen


Finally tomorrow I am heading off on holiday and have decided this time to make it a real break, no phones, no blogging, no social media, no Internet!!! I may freak out on day 2 and miss it all terribly but I think it will do me the world of good.

Normally when we go on holiday we stay in big AI resorts. This year though, we plan to do something different and are travelling to Morrocco to explore the country a little. We start in Marrakesh where we will chill for a few days then spend  some time travelling through the Atlas Mountains, stay in a Bedouin camp in the Sahara desert and maybe even take in a Morroccan beach resort before heading back to the city to fly home. I am so excited about our little adventure and can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to a couple of weeks of family time and total relaxation.

I will miss this little space of mine but I will be thinking of you all and taking LOADS of pictures to share with you when I get home on 7 September.

Much Love

Jules x

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