Heavenly Gingerlily from Molton Brown

Heavenly Gingerlily from Molton Brown Heavenly Gingerlily from Molton Brown Heavenly Gingerlily from Molton Brown Heavenly Gingerlily from Molton Brown Heavenly Gingerlily from Molton BrownIMG_8924IMG_8928

As you all know I have recently spent a couple of weeks in Morocco and although I came home with  a pretty decent tan, my skin was so dry, it urgently needed some tlc. Luckily for me the lovely people at Molton Brown came to the rescue with a beautiful kit from their Heavenly Gingerlily range for me to try. The kit contains everything you need to totally pamper your skin from top to toe and as with all of the products from Molton Brown came beautifully presented. I don’t want to say the dreaded ‘c’ word before the end of September but wouldn’t these products make the perfect gift for everyone?

Cleanse with the Gingerlily Body Wash 

This is the first product in the ritual and I used it was in the bath although it can also be used in the shower. The smell of all of these products is just gorgeous, a warm spicy fragrance that smells like an expensive spa, probably because so many top end spas use Molton Brown products. The company say the body wash contains extracts of white lily  and tamanu oil to moisturise the skin and warm notes of ginger and cardamom to leave an alluring scent. It also produces lots and lots of rich foamy bubbles which kept me amused for ages making bubble shapes – simple things huh!

Exfoliate with the Gingerlily Body Polisher

The next step in the ritual is the body polisher and this is where things get really exotic. The polisher contains tiny grains of volcanic Tahitian sand suspended in a gel. As you massage the product into your skin, the grains microexfoliate away all of the dead skin cells and the gel transforms into a silky milk which nourishes the fresh new skin which is revealed. Like the body wash this product leaves your skin fragranced with ginger and cardamon. Close your eyes and you will be transported to an island in the sun.

Moisturise with the Gingerlily Moisturising Body Lotion 

The final step in the ritual is the moisturising body lotion. After the first two steps my skin already looked fresh and felt great as every stage in this ritual is designed to nourish your skin with the white lily extract and tamanu oil.  The body lotion though is the perfect final step. It absorbs quickly into the skin and is clinically proven to instantly firm and hydrate.

After using these products to treat myself to a luxury at-home spa day experience, the difference in my skin was really noticeable. I started out with skin that was so dry that in places it was actually flaking off but by the end of the ritual, it felt soft and smooth, looked hydrated and glowy and was subtly fragranced with spicy ginger, cedar wood and tuberose. I felt amazing!!!

Everyone should have a little Molton Brown luxury in their lives, to find out more or to treat yourself pop over to the website here.