Handpicked Beauty from Beauty and the Boutique

Beauty Products hand picked for us by a top makeup artist
I was intrigued by a page I saw on Facebook recently. I initially thought it was a blog page but it turned out to be an online store selling beauty bits and accessories. So far so ordinary. But as I started looking around the site, I realised this place was far from ordinary, it was something really quite special in fact.
The site is the brainchild of Katie, a makeup artist and stylist who has handpicked a collection of items which she guaranteed to transform me from a NOW to a WOW! 
That got me interested! 
What I loved about the site was that Katie has a You Tube channel and she posts videos demonstrating how YOU can use the products she recommends to best effect. 
I just thought that was genius. 
I spent hours watching the videos and to be honest if I had had more cash I would have bought everything but sadly I had to make my purchases a little more considered than that. When I saw Katie using just a handful of products to transform her complexion from tired and drawn to fresh and youthful in a matter of minutes my mind was made up.
I purchased two products, the Illuminating Complexion Fix, a base that comes in clever packaging that lets you apply it only where needed to disguise imperfections and Daniel Sandler’s Watercolour Blush in Passion. I will post reviews on both products over the next few weeks but what I have to say is that the customer service from Katie was nothing short of exceptional. I received a number of chatty emails, which kept me fully informed and really made me feel that my custom was valued. When the parcel arrived it was beautifully packed and even included a packet of love hearts. It was an absolute pleasure to deal with her.
I realise this reads like a sponsored post but it isn’t. I bought and paid for my products and am sharing my experience with you because I think great companies like this deserve to be given credit for what they do.
Katie, it was a delight, I know I will be back soon. And if anyone reading this has not visited Beauty and the Boutique then don’t miss out, go have a browse.
You can find Beauty and the Boutique here. 

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