A Beauty Lovers Link Up

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Recently I have added a few of my lifestyle posts to the Lifestyle linkup over at Fizzy Peaches. If you don’t already follow this blog you really should, Lyndsay writes about a whole range of topics and includes wonderful images of her life in Brighton. Although I recently have written quite a few lifestyle posts, most of my posts are beauty related so I started to to look around for a link up specifically for posts about beauty. Surprisingly there are very few. So I decided to start a link up for those of us that love to read about and to write about all things beauty. 

So how will this work? Easy! Just add your favourite beauty post from your blog in the last 7 days – whether it is beauty news, reviews or a summertime edit, if you want to share it then we would love to read it. 

How Can I Help? The more links we have the more fun this will be. You can help in two ways. Both are really easy.  Firstly if you use the link up then it would be lovely if you would share the link on twitter using the tag – #abeautyloverslinkup. And if you wanted to be especially lovely then you could share the link up button which you will find in my sidebar.

Anything else? Just have fun. If a post catches your eye check it out, if you enjoy it leave a comment saying so and if you find a blog you love, then follow it. It’s easy. 


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