The Best Brow Product for Strong Brows – Mac Fluidline Brow Gelcreme

Saturday, 7 March 2015

I have found it. After literally YEARS of looking, I have found my perfect eye brow product, and it is of course made by MAC. So what is it about the Fluidline Brow Creme that I love.

Colour The colour of this product is perfect. My shade is deep dark brunette which applies darker than it looks in the pot but without the warmth of other products that leave me with the dreaded ginge brows. 

Ease of application. I use my beloved Mac 203, literally just touch the colour in the pot then literally just draw along the bottom line of my brows. Using a flicking motion, I then draw the colour up through the body of the brow. I then draw in the top line using more pressure towards the middle and emphasising the arch. I then take the tip of the brush to manually draw a few strokes in at the inner corners to soften the look.

Adaptability. This is not a brow product for the faint hearted. This is definitely for those of us who like a kick ass brow. It can be adapted very easily though. I use slightly more product on my brush for nights out giving a strong, bold brow but merely touch my brush to the product when I want a more daytime look.

Longevity. Once on, this product won’t run, fade or smudge. Until you remove them with an oil based cleanser – baby, dem brows ain’t going nowhere, 

           .                   Have you found YOUR holy grail product? Do share! 

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