Ten Ways You Can Improve Your Blog Design Without Spending A Penny

Wednesday, 6 May 2015


Generally on julie-ellen, I write about the things I love – beauty news and reviews, with a little fashion and lifestyle for good measure. Occasionally I will even write about my efforts to lose  weight or to increase my health and fitness levels. Its all good fun! There is no doubt though that blogging isn’t just about fun. As everyone who has tried it knows, writing a blog is incredibly hard work and in the 18 months I have been blogging I have had to learn  to do things I had no experience of before, like photography, editing, web design, negotiation, accounting and so on. I definitely do not hold myself up as any kind of an expert in these areas but hopefully I can help some of you by writing about some of the things I have learned. So I have decided to set up a series of posts called Working Wednesdays. where I will share some of my thoughts about blogging and hopefully in the comment sections, you will share your experience with me too. 

We all know how important design and layout are and the impact they can have on our blog stats so today I thought I would share with you ten ways you can improve your blog design without spending a penny.  

1. Connect with your Visitors 

As a blogger it is important to connect with your visitors. Show them who you are. Display your photograph on your home page with a short bio. Add an About Me page with fuller details about yourself and your blog. Another page every blog should have is a Contact page with clickable links to all of your social media accounts and an email address for readers and brands to get in touch.

2. Improve Your Images

Images are so important to the impression your blog makes. Work on your photography.  Learn how to produce images that are light, bright and well focussed. When you take a photograph that you are happy with, make it BIG.

3. No Fuss Navigation

Make it easy for your readers to find what they are looking for. Display categories (either under your Header or in your sidebar), show your archives and install a search bar.

5. Keep it Clean

Make sure your blog is neat and tidy. Spring clean your sidebar regular to keep it clutter free. 

6. Make your Readers Comfortable

Ensure your blog is easy on the eye by using a light background with dark text. 

7. Coordinate your Fonts. 

Use no more than two – one for titles and headings and one for your content. Sizewise 14-16px has been shown to be most popular with readers. 

8. Follow and Share 

Make your blog easy to follow and your posts easy to share by adding social media icons in your sidebar AND below each post. 

9. Keep your Bounce Rate Low 

Add a Related Posts section at the end of every post to encourage readers to keep reading.

10. Last but not Least

For goodness sake, if you want to keep your visitors happy and encourage them to comment then  turn off CAPTCHA . 

So there you have it – ten ways you can improve your blog design without spending a penny. I hope at least some of them were helpful to you. 

If you have any tips that would help the rest of us, why not spread the love by posting them below.

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