Six Websites Every Blogger Needs – and One I’m Still Testing

Six websites bloggers need and one I am still testing

I have been blogging for almost two years now and am really happy with how my little blog is doing but I can honestly say that is only since I harnessed the power of Social Media that my blog stats have started to look healthy. In today’s post I am going to share with you the six social media sites that I think are essential for bloggers and one new one that I am just learning how to use.


Are there any bloggers reading this who don’t have a Twitter account? If so, please head over there right now and set up an account. There is not a single day of my life passes without me logging on to catch up with the tweets on my timeline. Through this website I have met so many lovely bloggers who have encouraged, supported and befriended me since the beginning of my blogging adventure. It is through this website that I have found most of the blogs that I follow and I am sure it’s from this website that my own blog started to build up its own group of lovely followers. If you are new to Twitter and a little intimidated by it then why not join in one of the many blogging chats. You can find a full list here.  If you aren’t already following me on twitter, I would love you to add me here.


I know a lot of bloggers don’t rate Facebook but I have found my blog page to be a very successful way to attract new readers to my blog. Every time I publish a post, I post a link on my page and share it on my personal timeline. Very slowly over the last 18 months I have built my page and without me really being aware of it happening or putting very much work in, I now have over 1200 likes – that is 1200 people who will potentially see my latest link and click through. Definitely worth doing. Why not check out my page here.


I was very, very late to the party with Instagram but I have recently got much more into it and post an image from my blog posts as well as other little snippets from my life. I am slowly seeing a little bit of traffic coming from Instagram but mostly I love the inspiration I get from following my favourite beauty fashion and fitness bloggers. I haven’t built up much of a following though so would be really grateful if you would give me a cheeky wee follow here.


After Twitter, Pinterest is the site I get most traffic from. I really didn’t get Pinterest for a long time but after hearing other bloggers rave about it, I recently set up my account. I have a board for each category of posts I write and I pin the images from every new post I write. It is very early days but it really seems to be bringing new readers in. If you would like to see how I have organised my Pinterest account, you can find me here and if you like what you see I would be really chuffed if you followed there too.


In my early days of blogging I read somewhere that only your most dedicated followers will check in every day to find out whether you have published new content so it is important to promote each new post. I have followers in lots of different time zones so its really helpful for me to be able to schedule tweets at times of day when I am at work or even asleep. There are a few sites which allow you to do this but my favourite is Hootsuite which is is easy to use even on the go and will let you post not only to Twitter but to 35 different social network. You can set up your own account here. 


Is this a Social Media Site? I am not really sure but I add each new page I publish and find it really helpful in bringing people to my blog. One word of warning though, describe the post accurately or this site could seriously increase your bounce rate. If you want to start stumbling, you can sign up here.


This is a recent find, I believe it was only set up a few weeks ago but it is growing really fast and lots of my beauty and style icons are on there. It is the perfect site for bloggers who can post short video clips sharing their thoughts on new beauty products or their OOTDs or FOTDs etc. As with other social media you can link your blog in your profile and I hope this is going to become a really fun way to interact with fellow bloggers and followers and to improve my blog views. Meanwhile it is a laugh watching everyone learn how to use it. If you would like to follow me on there, my name is simply @jules.

So those are the six social media sites that I think are essential for bloggers but I am hopeful that once I get to grips with it, Periscope could be the best of all. If you have a Periscope account, please leave your link below, I would love to follow you there.

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