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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

As someone who doesn’t look after my hair as well as I should, I am always keen to try out new brands so when NHP asked if I would review some of the products from their Nutri Argan range, it was yes all the way.

All NHP products are organically certified and are not treated with toxic substances or chemical processes, so the scalp is protected, not irritated.  I really suffer with an itchy scalp so this was great news for me. All NHP packaging is 100% recyclable and products are created using alternative forms of energy. All very good for the environment but what REALLY matters to me is whether it is good for my hair #sorrynotsorry!

The Nutri Argan range contains high quality Argan oil so before I even try it I know it’s going to be good. My hair LOVES Argan oil and responds really well to it so I am excited to give this a shot.

I was sent three products to try.

Nourish Hair Bath £9.60/250mls

The Nourish Hair Bath is a gentle shampoo, free of SLES, DEA, parabens and colourants. I was struck by the texture of this products, it’s  very thick and luxurious. To be honest I felt a little anxious using it. it feels like an oil. But I have been converted to cleansing my face with an oil so why not my hair. This product didn’t lather at all which was also strange but I needn’t have worried. The hair bath rinsed out of my hair easily leaving it soft and feeling really clean without that dry, squeaky, stripped feeling some shampoos leave.

Nourish Hair Mask £9.60/300mls

And then it was time for the mask. For me this was the hero product but I do love a deep nourishing hair mask. Again free of parabens, paraffins and colourants, the mask is full of  organic Argan and Macadamia oil, to replenish lost moisture, fight frizz and protect against damage. I like to use this mask at least once a week. I just comb it through my hair, wrap in a warm towel and relax for an hour. When I wash it out, my hair is noticeably softer, silkier and easier to manage. This is the kind of product that one you’ve used it, you just can’t stop touching your hair and swishing it about pretending to be the Timotae model – is that how you spell it? Och you know who I mean!

TOP TEN Perfect Styling Cream £16.80/150mls

As an extra treat, NHP sent me their Top Ten Intensive spray mask which as the name suggests offers 10 benefits:

  • Immediately imparts vitality and healthy looking hair.
  • Repairs and nourishes dry and damaged hair.
  • Eliminates frizz.
  • Detangles and leaves the hair silky.
  • Prevents and reduces split ends.
  • Protects against heat styling damage.
  • Helps brushing and iron straightening.
  • Improves body and volume.
  • Adds shine and protects the colour.
  • Helps to achieve a long lasting style.

This is a definite repurchase for me. I use it on damp hair before drying to protect my hair from the heat of my hair tools and to get rid of the frizz . When I use this product my hair is easier and quicker to dry. It also acts as a super efficient leave in conditioner. I found that as well as feeling great and looking really soft and silky, when I use this product my blow dry lasts twice as long, and when it starts to fall, I give the ends of my hair a quick spritz of Top Ten, scrunch it through and my style is revived and lives to fight another day!

If you are growing your hair, or trying to improve its condition, if you wish it was longer, glossier, more vibrant, if you yearn for Kardashian hair – then check out the full range of products from NHP here.

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