November 2013


So it may be Autumn where you are, but in Scotland it is now officially winter. Crisp frosty mornings, dark nights and the John Lewis advert all put me in the festive spirit so today’s post is going to be about my three favourite lipsticks for this time of year.

Despite my Celtic roots, I have very dark hair, hazel eyes and medium skin which as I get older can look quite sallow without a tan. Because of that I like to brighten up my face in wintertime with a strong coloured lipsticks. I do have favourites from a number of different brands but when I picked my top three for this post, they were all from one of my favourite brands, Mac Cosmetics. 

It is no coincidence that Mac is the professional choice of makeup artists around the world but their lipsticks are what made this brand famous. They have a huge range of colours and finishes meaning everyone can find one to suit. 

So my first choice is Flat Out Fabulous This is one of the Retro Matte Collection which was inspired by Ruby Woos popularity. It is quite drying on the lips so a balm before hand is essential but it is totally worth it for the glamour of its flat matte finish.

This shade is described as plum but for me it is a strong but very wearable pink which can be blotted for a softer finish although personally, I like it bright. The lasting power of this lipstick is phenomenal, around five hours I find, before I need to reapply. I absolutely love this colour which is available on line from Mac for £15 and is perfectly described as FLAT OUT FABULOUS!!

My second favourite lipstick of the season is the aptly named rebel.

I first saw this shade being worn and fell in love with it. Frankly if I hadn’t, I probably would never have bought it. For me, it is really quite scary looking in the bullet. 

Applied to the lips however it is much less scary, a gorgeous plummy pink which is perfect for this time of year. It is a satin finish so not as flat a finish as the matte nor as drying, but it is just as long lasting as it seems to stain the lips so that even when the sheen wears off the colour just lasts and lasts. Because I know some of you still doubt me I have a photo of me wearing this…..

See! Not scary at all!!!

So Rebel is also £15 and available from all Mac stockists or on line here.

My final choice of Lipstick for this season is actually a Mac shade that I wear all year round. It is a real favourite of mine.

Mac describe this as an orange lipstick with a kick of red but on me this is my perfect red with a hint of orange lol. As I said I have quite sallow skin and the colour really lifts my complexion. It is another matte shade so get the lip scrub out and make sure your lips are well moisturised because it really will show up any dry or flaky patches. It applies smoothly though without dragging, and doesn’t feel at all drying on the lips but it lasts and lasts and lasts. You can find this also at Mac online or at your local Mac counter.

So those are my top three shades of the season and I really do love them. If you love them too then watch this space. There will be exciting news for you on my next blog post. 

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