My Segway Experience

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

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I can’t deny it I am a creature of habit. I love nothing more that a day spent in my PJs in front of   Netflicks with a fridge full of unhealthy snacks. This summer though I am determined to make some changes. As well as eating more healthily I am determined to move more, get out there and have fun, and see some of the beautiful city I live in. Put simply – it’s time to FEEL ALIVE!!! 

In this new spirit of adventure I was excited to be invited by the lovely people at Alive, the women’s 50+ multi-vitamins, to try out the Segway Experience in Glasgow. We turned up at the Riverside Museum at lunchtime on a cold Bank Holiday Saturday with absolutely no idea what to expect. I was a little scared to be honest but I needn’t have been – we were in a group of four with a lovely leader who issued us with Hi-Vis vests, hard hats and soon put us all at ease. It was quite hard at first to get the hang of controlling the Segway – it was all about where you put your weight – but after a quick practise run in the capark we were soon all confident enough to set off on the tour. 

It’s easy to stop noticing the beauty of your home town. I have lived in Glasgow all of my life and take for granted its unique beauty but where else but Glasgow can you stand in the city centre amidst Victorian architecture, looking out over a sea estuary at a snowy mountain view. 

The tour opened my eyes to all of that as it took us alone the banks of the Clyde past the Squinty Bridge to the Tall Ship, highlighting all of the points of interest along the way. I do love a bit of sight seeing but travelling on the Segways just made it so much more fun. 

At the end of the tour we were given the opportunity to race the Segways along a straight flat course. My competitive instinct got the better of me and I pushed the machine so hard it was rearing back against me – a bit scary but totally exhilarating!

I absolutely loved my Segway Experience and the chance to see Glasgow from a whole new perspective. I went home feeling more alive than I have done for weeks and determined that this is just the start of a summer of living life and embracing new experiences. 

What was the last thing you did that made you FEEL ALIVE?

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