My Little Dream Box

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

I used to be signed up for every beauty subscription boxes going but gradually I stopped them, one by one, as I tired of their sample sizes, repetitive choices and the sheer sameness of each to the others. My Little Box is the only one of the bunch to survive. Why? Because of its originality, because I never knew what to expect and because I still look forward to receiving it every single month. To be accurate, My Little Box is not just a Beauty Box, it is a whimsical collection of beauty, style and lifestyle pieces that never fail to make me smile, 

This months box was called My Little Dream Box and it was as whimsical as ever. First out was the magazine though which as always was full of How To articles for hair and nails, and interviews with celebrities like Caroline Hirons who shared her skincare wisdom with us.

I particularly loved these little fluffy clouds – the first with it’s inspirational Disney quote…

And the second hiding a secret, little gift…

            This beautiful little coin bracelet – I looked it up, Belle Etoile means beautiful star – awww!

And as always the box contained some lovely beauty gifts hidden inside their own linen pouch.

A solid perfume stick, luxury face mask and highly pigmented lip tint for that berry stained look.

The final treat hidden in My Little Dream Box was this Stamping Kit with its collection of inspirational sayings. Lovely to have and use in your notebooks or on envelopes to friends.

If you fancy treating yourself to the May edition of My Little Box, you can sign up at the My Little Box website for just £11 plus p&p. I am looking forward to mine already.

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