June 2014


After a winter in thick socks and ankle boots, the thought of baring all in summer sandals can be pretty daunting, so today I am going to share with you my ten steps to sexy summer feet.


Before you start, gather together everything you will need. I suggest a foot bath, soak, varnish remover, cotton wool, buffer or scraper, foot exfoliator, moisturiser, cuticle remover, nail file, polish and a couple of soft fluffy towels.


The first thing to do is to remove any scruffy old polish you still have on your toe nails. If you’re wearing hard to remove glitter, my top tip is to soak a cotton wool pad in remover and place against the nail then wrap the toe in tin foil. Leave for 5 minutes then unwrap and watch the glitter simply slip off the nail. 


While your feet are still dry, buff briskly with a foot file to begin to remove hard skin. I am currently using the Ped Egg from Boots which I like because it catches all the hard skin rather than spraying it all over. GROSS!!!


The next step is my favourite. Sit back and relax with your feet soaking in a warm bath. Don’t use hot water – luke warm is best. If your have a posh massaging foot bath then use it, if not then toss a handful of marbles in the bottom of the basin to achieve the same effect. My favourite soak is the Dead Sea Spa Magik which removes any ingrained grime and softens the skin of your feet. Best of all it costs just £5.50 for a whopping ONE KILO at Amazon here. BARGAIN!!!


After about ten minutes soaking, it’s time to get serious with and remaining hard skin or callouses. Not everyone will need this step and if you are diabetic or on steroids then its not for you but after a winter in boots, my feet need a miracle and this is it. A foot shaver!! There are loads of these available including a posh version costing £9.90 from Tweezerman available from allbeauty here  but mine was a super bargain at just £1.25 INCLUDING p&p from ebay here. Now obviously this tool has to be used with caution. If you fire straight in, hacking away at your heels, you could hurt yourself, but used carefully, after soaking your feet, this little tool will leave your feet as soft as a baby’s bum – or it’s feet at least!


This is my favourite step. Take one foot at a time out of the soak and massage with a really good foot exfoliator. Use your favourite, mine is by Champneys and costs £6 here. It contains Olive Oil, peppermint and orange oils which leave my feet tingling and smooth.


If you have the time, rather than a regular foot cream, apply a mask like Heel Genius from Soap and Glory, available here. Simply apply generously, then wrap your feet in cling film and let the mask do its job. This product can actually be left on overnight if necessary and washes off easily leaving your feet feeling and looking healthy and well conditioned with a subtle gleam. SEXXXY!!!


So now that your feet are soft and gorgeous, it’s time to sort out the nails. The first thing to do is to groom your cuticles. There are all sorts of cuticle creams out there but if you don’t have one, I find olive oil works perfectly. Just dab onto your cuticles and massage in pushing the cuticles back as you go. If your cuticles are particularly stubborn you can use a cuticle stick for this but resist the urge to attack them with nail scissors. Trimming your cuticles not only encourages them to grow back unevenly but can result in fungal nail infections – YUCK!!!


We all know how to file our nails but toe nails are a little different. When removing excess length, file straight across resisting the urge to shape towards the sides which is a sure fire way to land yourself with painful ingrown toenails. OUCH!!! 


Before choosing which of this year’s gorgeous summer colours to apply, remember to use a base coat. Not only can it smooth out ridges and other imperfections but it will prevent your toe nails from staining. Next apply two coats of polish remembering to take the polish over the ends of the nails to prevent chipping.  Finally I like to use a top coat to help dry the varnish more quickly and extend the life of my pedicure. 

So now my winter hooves are fit to strut their stuff in sexy summer sandals, its time to go shopping. Watch this space for a post sharing my favourites……

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