July 2014




My regular readers will remember that until 6 weeks ago, I was on Slimming World, doing well and regularly posting about my progress. I was on Slimming World for 9 weeks and lost 20lbs – a very healthy 2lbs per week. But then I went on a 2 week all inclusive holiday. And then I came home to a month of celebrations for one special occasion after another. 

June was a wonderful month. 

But now it was over. 

I felt fat and sluggish. 

It was time to jump back onto the weight loss wagon. 

So the first thing I had to do was weigh myself. I am not going to lie, I was scared. It was so hard to get back onto the scales and face the consequences of 6 weeks of too much food, way too much alcohol and just about no exercise. But I made myself do it and actually was pleasantly surprised. My 6 weeks of excess had resulted in just a 2lb gain. I was so relieved. I would not have been surprised if it had been five times that.

So now I knew the extent of the damage, it was time to start fixing it.

Before my break I was on Slimming World and I was losing weight steadily but I was not 100% convinced that for me it was the healthiest way to lose weight. I decided it was the right time for me to make the change to a more intuitive diet and exercise plan. 

Diet wise I signed up to MyFitnessPal – an calorie counting app which must have a database of millions of foods which makes it super easy to keep track of what you’re eating. I decided that I was going to keep my calories relatively high as I have in the past had some eating issues and find dieting very triggering. I knew that this might mean a slower weight loss but it would be easier to maintain and healthier for me. Exercise wise I decided to do something I have wanted to do for a very long time and start lifting. I know lots of people love Cardio but for me it is frankly a real trial, something I do to lose weight then stop. This time I wanted to make changes I would stick to for life so I decided to only exercise in ways I would stick too. 

Just as I was deciding all of this something wonderful happened. I was contacted and asked to review a fitness band called the Soleus Go as part of the Health on Line Body Fuel Campaign. I had never worn a fitness band before and was really unsure of what to expect so I was delighted when I received it in the post and unboxed it and found this cool looking rubber wristband. 

I am absolutely useless at all things techy but this was so easy even I could set it up. I simply downloaded the associated app onto my iphone, turned on the bluetooth and the app did the rest. All I had to do was enter my stats and I was ready to go.

This little band is a marvel. After wearing it for a day, it was able to tell me I burn around 2000 calories a day which made it easy for me to work out that for a steady, healthy weight loss I should eat between 1500 and 1600 calories a day. The Soleus Go can measure periods of exercise too but even when you are just going about your daily routine, it is recording the steps you are taking and the calories you’re burning and measuring them against the goals you’ve set yourself. I am really competitive so when the wee character tells me I have burned 85% of my daily goal calories, or walked 90% of my day’s goal steps, it really spurs me on, motivating me to take the stairs at work or to go for one last walk before bed. And talking about bed, this clever little gadget doesn’t go to sleep when you do, it keeps working away, measuring not only how many hours you sleep but also the quality and type of sleep you are having. 


But enough of the raving. Lets get to the review.


  • It looks so much cooler than one of those geeky looking sports watches. I am happy to wear this all the time.
  • The LED display is clear and easy to read
  • The set up is simple even for a technophobe like me
  • It measures your daily calorie burn from everyday activities as well as formal exercise
  • It records the steps you’ve taken as well as the distance you’ve gone
  • It alerts you if you receive a call or message
  • It is water resistant
  • It measures the quality as well as quantity of sleep you get
  • It is HUGELY motivating
  • The Soleus Go is not waterproof so can’t be worn in shower or in the pool.
  • It is not aware of hills or stairs so calories burned may not be accurate for hillwork
  • It is not synchronised with MFP yet so if you are using both you will need to go into custom settings on MFP to adjust your calories.
  • At just under £80 this is a considered purchase.

So in summary, out of ten I would give this product ten for ease of use, ten for motivation and even given the cost to buy I would give The Soleus Go a full ten out of ten for value for money. Despite the initial outlay, the features included in this little band make it a real bargain when compared to other products of its type. 

Best of all, when it came time for weigh in yesterday, I stepped on the scales and found that not only had I lost all the weight I had put on during my 6 weeks of excess – but I had lost another 2lbs as well. 

That makes a total weightloss of 22 lbs in 10 weeks of dieting- yay!!

So my updated mini goals;

To get into the 12s by losing a single pound.

To lose 2 stone – another 6lbs!

To reach a healthy weight – 24lbs!

Are you on a weight loss journey? If you are or if you are just thinking about it, I strongly suggest you kick start your weightloss by treating yourself to a Soleus Go today. The best price I found was at Amazon here but if you’ve found a better price, please share it in the comments below.

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