January 2015

I love my hair, I do but I really don’t treat it very well. It’s thick and naturally very dark but I bleach it to a light caramel shade, wear it long and use heat on it every other day – sorry hair!! I do try to make amends by using really good quality products to cleanse, condition and protect it but it still tends to be dry, coarse and quite frizzy and unruly. 

So when Look Fantastic, the ultimate Mecca for hair, beauty and all things gorgeous, offered me the opportunity to try their new, luxury, haircare line, Kebelo, I was delighted to accept. 

Kebelo was founded in 2010 by three brothers, all third generation, haircare professionals. Their research revealed that a staggering 86% of women suffer from frizzy, damaged, unruly, dry hair – I am so glad it is not just me. The brothers created a range of products which combines the most effective haircare ingredients from nature using innovative science. I like my products to be SLS, Sulphate and Paraben free and no Kebelo product contains any of those nasties.  


Before I start to review the products, can we just take a moment to appreciate how beautifully wrapped these products are. They arrived packaged in an embossed box tied with a purple satin bow – what a gorgeous present this would make. I untied the ribbon and inside was another box printed with a picture of the Ultimate Enriching Range and some information about the products. That box contained an Enriching Shampoo, Enriching Conditioner and Enriching Masque. 

As an extra treat from the lovely people at Look Fantastic, I also received the Silk Cream and the Kebelo Clarifying Shampoo.


The Enriching products are practically packaged in plastic squeezy tubes which makes them perfect for use in the shower. How posh is the pink and aubergine colour scheme? Very boutique hotel!


The Clarifying Shampoo is packaged similarly but in an ice blue colour scheme, the Silk Cream comes in a purple bottle with a pump applicator – perfect!


So the packaging is gorgeous, but what about the products themselves. The ingredients are top quality, guar sugar, wheat protein, bran, grape seed and argan oil to nourish hair and leave it smooth and shiny. 

The first thing I noticed when I first used the Kebelo Enriching Range was the gorgeous smell. I was in the shower the first time I used the products and within seconds the fragrance filled the bathroom. The shampoo foamed well but the foam felt really soft and creamy so I knew it wouldn’t strip my hair like some detergent based shampoos can. After shampoo’ing I grabbed a towel, blotted the water from my hair and applied a small blob of the hair masque which I combed through with my tangle teaser. 

I really like masques – I try to use them on my hair at least once a week, twice if I have the time. The directions say to leave this one on for 5-10 minutes but I like to wrap my head in cling film and leave a masque on for as long as I can. The masque rinsed out really easily, leaving my hair feeling clean and already noticeably softer. Before turning the dryer on, I used a pump of the Silk Cream. This is a fab product which contains protein to improve the strength of your hair, argan and jojoba oil for shine and a heat protector and colour lock.

What I really noticed after using the Kebelo products was that my hair dried much more quickly than normal, sat really well and felt super healthy. I felt like a shampoo model with glossy, bouncy hair and I have to admit, I did a fair bit of swishing it around over the next few days. 

The next time I washed my hair, I used the Enriching Shampoo and Conditioner. The conditioner is a lighter product than the masque but with the same gorgeous fragrance. Again I used the Silk Cream before drying and the results were just as fab as before. Swishy, shiny, bouncy hair that looked and smelled fantastic.

I use a clarifying shampoo every 6-8 washes. It’s important to do this or product build up will make your hair dull and prevent treatments being absorbed. I dread it though because clarifying shampoos are usually harsh, stripping my hair, leaving it tangled and horribly dry. The Clarifying Shampoo from Kebelo is the mildest such product I have tried but it still effectively detoxed my hair.

The Kebelo products really are top end, high performance, haircare but I am pleased to say they come at relatively affordable prices. The entire Ultimate Enriching Range which contains a whopping 600 mls of product costs just £29.85 from Look Fantastic here. The Silk Cream costs £12.95 for 30 mls (which would last forever) here and the Clarifying Shampoo costs £12.95 for 250 mls here.

The Kebelo products have worked really well for me and I am really happy with the improvement in the way my hair looks and feels. If you are one of the unlucky 87% who have dry frizzy or damaged hair then I highly recommend you try them for yourself. But it is not just this hair type that Kebelo products treat, if you want beautiful, healthy hair, check out the full Kebelo range from Look Fantastic here.

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