Five Blogs Everyone Should Follow

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Long before I was a beauty blogger, I was a huge fan of reading other peoples blogs. Every day without fail, I would spend hours pouring over my Bloglovin feed, reading all the latest beauty news, reviews and tutorials. Quite honestly, being part of the blogging community was one of the principal reasons that I started blogging. And even now that I have my own little corner of the Internet where I spend stupid amounts of time writing my own blog, there are still some bloggers writing posts which are just too good to miss. So today I thought I would do you all a kindness and introduce you to the five blogs that EVERYONE should follow


The Sunday Girl is literally always the first blog I open each day. I simply love everything about this blog, the images, content and writing style are all sheer perfection. I am continually awestruck by the industry of its author Adrienne who publishes multiple posts a day, every day. If you are interested in beauty and read blogs, this should be on your feed. What not everyone might know though is that Adrienne also writes another blog called Swedish Blue which is less about beauty and more about everything else. Love it and her. I am a bit creepy aren’t I?

Expat Make Up Addict is another blog I would strongly recommend you visit this month. Written by Stacey a British expat living and working in Dubai, this blog is particularly appealing to those of us who lust after the more luxurious end of the beauty market. Stacey’s hauls are the stuff of my dreams. If I won the lottery I would spend my winning on hauls like Stacey’s. But I haven’t so I can’t. Instead I live vicariously through her blog. But Stacey doesn’t just write about make up. Look a little closer and you will find some very personal posts on Expat Beauty Addict, beautifully written, sensitive, emotional pieces that will make you think about what life really means and other philosophical gems.


A Life With Frills  is another blog written by a Scottish blogger. Described by Laura Pearson-Smith the author, as a diary of a stylish life A life with Frills is a girly affair filled with pretty little treats. What I love most about A Life With Frills though is its honesty – if Laura doesn’t rate a product, she will make that very clear. And if you like the way Laura writes on her blog, there is more to enjoy. Stylecation, is a luxury lifestyle Magazine founded and edited by Laura. But I warn you now, there is food porn a-plenty.

Liberty Loves Makeup  is the blog I go to on payday.  It is the blog I can never read without opening an app and beginning yet another wishlist. To illustrate my point, last night I read Liberty Loves Makeup and found a Nars lipstick called Julie!!!! Who even knew? But obviously I have to buy it right??? Laura the author is a temptress, an enabler who features ALL the best stuff. If you’re on a spending ban this blog might be best avoided, but for everyone else this is a blog you HAVE to follow.


Through The Mirror  is a slightly more recent addition to my list of favourite blogs. Written by 19 year old Caitlin, this blog is so professional looking it is hard to believe it is less than five months old.  As with the other blogs I have featured, Through the Mirror features beauty news and reviews but it stands out for the quality of the images, and it’s useful tips on how to improve your own blog. 

So there you have them, the five blogs I think everyone should follow this month. But there is room on my reading pane for more. So spread some blogging love. Which blogs do you recommend?

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