Controversy Corner – Who Cares about Politics??

Sunday, 3 May 2015

I am a lifestyle and beauty blogger first and foremost. I started my blog to write about lipsticks, and learn how to photograph pretty things. That doesn’t mean though, that I am superficial and have a head full of glitter. I do have a brain, a mind that questions and a tongue that can and often does get me into trouble. This side of me is not the Jules most of you know but every now and then she wants to be heard. So let me introduce you to Controversy Corner – the space on my blog where the bolshier Jules gets the opportunity to say what she thinks about whatever topic takes my fancy. The views expressed in Controversy Corner may not always be the same as yours but that’s okay. We all are entitled to our own opinion and this is mine.

With the general election fast approaching, we are bombarded with messages from politicians about what they stand for and why we should vote for them. But do we really care? In the last general election more than a third of us made it very clear that we were totally turned off by politics and politicians by simply refusing to engage in the process. Some would see no problem with that and would say that the decision NOT to vote is as significant as the decision about WHO to vote for, as it sends a message to the politicians that we are unconvinced. But I disagree!!

Until 90 years ago women were not allowed to vote. Socially and legally they were considered inferior to men and so they weren’t allowed to make big decisions like buying a house, going to university, divorcing a husband or having a say in how the country was run. But women were not willing to accept this inequity and in 1903 the Suffragettes were founded. The members of the movement were early feminists – they stood up for their rights and the rights of their daughters, granddaughter and great granddaughters, in other words for you and me. They heckled politicians, held marches, chained themselves to railings, attacked policemen, broke windows, slashed paintings, set fire to buildings, threw bombs and went on hunger strike when they were sent to prison. The truth is that they gave up their lives to fight for the right of every woman to vote – and they won! Should we not be grateful to them for that??

But somehow over the years we have lost our passion for politics. We feel at best disconnected from what happens at Westminister and at worst disgusted by it. And it is getting worse. Only 56% of people under 24 are registered to vote, while a massive 96% of people aged over 65 are registered. This basically means that only people your grandparents age have their say about who is in power. And the politicians know that – so their policies, their priorities, are all about people your grandparents age. 

The more of us that vote the more likely politicians are to make policies that benefit us. Voting gives YOU the power to influence how this country is run. If you aren’t happy about something, don’t just bitch about it, do something about it, vote for the party that will do things YOUR way! .

Even if you live in a so called ‘safe seat’, never think your vote won’t make a difference. Safe seats can be lost but only when people like you and I make our voices heard. 

Very simply, the more of us that vote, the more Parliament will represent people like us and create laws that represent what we believe in. Don’t YOU want to decide who runs the country, who creates the laws and make the decisions that will affect you and your family.

I can’t tell you who to vote for. Everyone’s vote is personal to them and my opinion about many things may be totally different to yours. But if you aren’t sure which party is most suited to you, there is help out there. You don’t need to spend hours reading political manifestos, or attending boring meetings in your local town hall, there is an easy way to do this. Just follow this link and answer some simple questions aimed at finding out what you believe in and what your priorities are. The website will then analyse your answers and compare them against the manifestos of all the main political parties and identify which one best represents you.

I do! I care about the environment, I care about human rights, I care about the old and the vulnerable. I care about how safe our streets are, about the NHS, about education. I care about how much money I make, how much tax I pay and how much things cost when I go shopping. I care about the decision that are made about my life – don’t you?

Who cares about politics? I do and you should too!!

As I said at the start this is just my opinion. I am not a teacher, a politician or your Mum. I can’t tell you what to do, but I have told you what I think. Everything I have written is my opinion only. Your opinion may be different. If it is then you are entitled to hold it but why not share it with us in the comments below.

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