April 2014

So my eagle eyed readers will have noticed that there was no week 8 posted. This wasn’t because of some catastrophic slipping off the weight loss wagon. It was much less sinister than that. It was simply that I was away for Easter week, so no weigh in for me.

That’s not to say I stuck to plan rigidly over Easter week. I was on holiday and have to confess that some chocolate, wine and even pizzas (yes plural) were consumed so it was no great disappointment that I couldn’t jump on the scales. 

But as soon as I got back to work on wednesday I was back on plan, determined to undo any damage that I had done to my weighloss. 

So I planned my week’s meals and did my shopping because for me that is key. My motto in life is all about the five Ps….

Poor Preparation leads to Piss Poor Performance

And my diet and weightloss are no different.

So I made sure my cupboards were full of what I needed and that I knew what I was eating at every meal, but still I wasn’t confident. I was anxious that I may have gained during Easter week so knew I would need to go that extra mile to earn a loss. 

It was time to dust my running shoes off. 

And they really were dusty.

I hadn’t been running for months now but when I use to run regularly, it was a huge help in my efforts to lose weight. 

Not only did the running itself burn calories but somehow on the days I ran, it always seemed easier to eat well too.

It has never come easy to me though. I am not and doubt I ever will be, someone who enjoys running. For me it is a real chore. But when I make the effort, I feel better about myself. So I made the effort. 

Four times this week I got out there and ran (very slowly) for 30 minutes.

And I stuck to plan.

And it worked.

I lost two and a half pounds.

Thats a grand total of 17 pounds in 9 weeks.

Not a spectacular loss but I am very happy that those 17 pounds are now gone from my backside.

Very happy to have lost 17 of those ghastly lumps of fat pictured at the top of this post.

Less happy by how many there are still to go but they do say the slower it comes off the better your chances of keeping it off.

So what am I hoping for next week. Well this weekend is going to be challenging. I have two big nights out planned and both involve eating and drinking but hopefully if I plan my meals carefully for the rest of the week and push myself back out running at least four times, I will still achieve some kind of loss. Even if it’s just one of those ghastly lumps of fat pictured above. 

So that’s my aim. 

To have a great weekend and still lose a pound. 

Can I do it? 

Yes I can!

So how did you all do with your diet and fitness goals this week? x

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