The Mac Classic – Heroine – Now With Swatches

Monday, 1 September 2014

A few days ago, I posted that Mac had finally succumbed to our pleas and re-released my all time favourite lipstick. Mac Heroine is a beautiful, vibrant matte with unrivalled wearability. This powerful purple adds instant drama to any look. This lipstick works perfectly worn either with a smoky eye for a glamorous look or with a nude eye and strong brow for a more fashiony vibe. Heroine was always a huge favourite whenever it was included in special collections and it is rumoured to have changed hands for an eye watering £80. 

Today was the day, Heroine finally joined Mac’s permanent collection so off I trotted into my nearest Mac store to get me mine. I asked the Assistant and to my horror she told me that they had already sold out – in just a day!!!!

She was really nice and told me when they would get new stock in but I was really disappointed. It must have shown on my face because when I got to the cash desk the lovely cashier offered to double check in the stock room. 

And guess what???


Mac Heroine; deeply dark, deeply dramatic, deeply desirable. 

Would you wear this colour?

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