My Work To Bar Makeup Essential – By Terry

Saturday, 7 March 2015

So for me the love affair with beauty boxes is definitely over. They started off well but recently they seem to have all featured the same end of stock products and sample sizes which really haven’t interested me at all. The one box I do still subscribe to is My Little Box which is described as a lifestyle box featuring a wide selection of offerings with my favourite ever, undoubtedly being a monochrome DVF scarf!!!! NICE huh??

This month though the star of the show was a beauty product from one of my favourite premium brands – By Terry. The product in question was the Crayon Khol Terribly and it is a cracker.  The Crayon Kohl Terrybly is a waterproof eyeliner that has the perfect point to closely line the eyes. Being a Khol, it smudges out beautifully for smoky sexy look but work quickly cos once this has set, it’s going nowhere! I am also pleased to note that when this one says it’s waterproof it really means it, so no smearing or smudging with this crayon.

But what I love most about this pencil is the colour. It applies as a deep black with subtle gold highlights to add dimension but when you smudge it out the black fades to a bronze – keep going and you are left with a pretty pale gold.

It’s like magic! 

I’ve been taking the By Terry Crayon Kohl Terrybly with me to work for those impromptu drinks after work invitations when I want to add a little something to my makeup without taking it all off and starting again. I apply this Kohl around my eyes, smudge it through the crease and voila ! 

What is your desk to bar makeup essential ? 

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