My Mother's Day – I Was REALLY Spoiled!

Sunday, 15 March 2015


So as most of you know I have two children – a son of 23 who is studying away from home at St Andrew’s University and a daughter of 21 who stayed at home and is studying at Glasgow.

As both are students, money is tight though I help them out as much as I can. They are really great people and very loving all year round but they do always make an effort with a card or sometimes a gift on Mother’s Day

This year though was something different

At 8.20am I was wakened by my daughter announcing that my husband and I had to get up. We followed her downstairs into the dining room where I expected to see a table laid for breakfast and maybe a card and small gift. I could not believe my eyes!  It looked like Christmas did when I was a child. The table was loaded with pancakes, orange juice, prosecco, and mountains of gifts for both my husband and I. We both stood for a minute just taking it in then turned to Becca expectantly, waiting for her to explain what on earth was going on. Breathlessly she told us that weeks ago she had entered a TV “text in” competition and won first prize of £6000!!!!

One of my daughter’s many precious character traits is her generosity and it’s typical of her that she wanted to treat us all with her winnings. As soon as the cheque cleared she sent £1000 to her brother and started planning this special day. It was a big secret to keep and there were times when it must have been agony not to tell but she wanted to surprise us – and surprise us she did!! 

Knowing me as she does many of my gifts were beauty related so I thought I would share them with you. Please understand that I am in no way showing off. I love my children but they are poor students so Mothers Day for me has never meant more than breakfast in bed with a card and sometimes a small gift. This is by no means my normal Mothers Day. 

If I am boasting at all it is about how lucky I am to have the thoughtful, generous, loving daughter I do.


So here are my gifts.


First up is the Breville Blend Active. This really is the perfect present for someone trying to improve their health. A blender that delivers your juice directly into the bottle. No mess, no fuss, just screw on the cap and you are good to go with a healthy and delicious smoothie – perfect for my morning commute.


As my daughter’s name is Becca,  I have always wanted to try something from this brand. Their hero product is the Shimmering Skin Perfector which is said to be wonderful for illuminating dull, tired or ageing skin! Should be perfect for me then…


Everyone knows how much I love my By Terry Blackstar Ombres – well now I have a third, the blogger’s favourite, Misty Rock.


And I did invest in the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Palette but the Dim Light pan ran out before.Christmas. Well now I have the full size powder – so happy!


And who doesn’t lust after a Tom Ford lippy? I certainly did but now I have my favourite shade, Spanish Pink.


As I have recently put on some weight I have struggled to find clothes I feel good in but my clever girl picked the perfect dress. The wrap style makes my boobs look good while emphasising my waist and skimming over my lumps and bumps. The print on this one from Marks and Spencer’s Limited Edition is so pretty and I love the chiffon sleeves which add femininity. I know I am going to get a lot of wear from this dress, it’s perfect for dinner or those days when you are going out straight after work but can’t be bothered changing.


And Mother’s Day wouldn’t be Mother’s Day without flowers and a card with a soppy message. 


I am so proud of my generous daughter whose first thought when winning more money than she earns in a year was to use it to make her family happy. She is a wonderful human being and I am very blessed. I haven’t told you about her plans for the remainder of the money – I need her permission before sharing that but if she is willing, I may feature details in an upcoming post. It goes without saying that you can expect reviews on all of my beauty goodies over the next few weeks.

I hope all of you Mother’s out there had a day full of love and laughter xxx

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