Monday, 20 April 2015

Monday, 20 April 2015

Monday's Menus

So if I was to share one tip for weight loss success it would be to plan, plan plan. Every week on a Sunday, I plan my food for the week and stock my cupboards with everything I need. And when I say everything, I really do mean EVERYTHING right down to the snacks I try to eat 3 times a day in addition to my three main meals. Eating so regularly means my blood sugar levels stay even and I rarely get hungry which really helps stop the cravings that used to sabotage every effort I made to lose this excess weight. I thought it might help me to stay on track if I posted my weekly menus here and might even help those of you on your own weight loss journeys.

So here is this week's plan.

Monday - Breakfast - Branflakes with a sliced banana and skimmed milk
Snack - Greek Yoghurt with seeds
Lunch - Warburton Thin topped with Light Philly and smoked Salmon with lots of crunchy salad on the side.
Snack - Handful of Nuts
Snack - Green Smoothie with Mango and Banana
Dinner - Sausage and mash - sounds naughty I know but I use very low fat sausages and make my mash with sweet potatoes. Served with a home made onion gravy, this is perfect comfort food.

Tuesday - Breakfast - Fruit with Greek Yoghurt
Snack - Carrots with Hummus
Lunch - Homemade Soup - this week's with be Split Pea made with a ham hough which I love and is very filling.
Snack - Banana
Snack - Smoothie with Yoghurt, skimmed milk and berries
Dinner - Chicken breast cooked in a foil parcel with spices and served with purple sprouting broccolli and brown rice. Stereotypically healthy food but it's one of my favourite meals of the week.

Wednesday - Breakfast - Greek Yoghurt with Honey and Seeds
Snack - Oatcakes with light Philly 
Lunch - Soup again.
Snack - Fruit Salad 
Snack - Green Smoothie with Apple and Carrot
Dinner - Sweet potato and spinach stew - this is a spicy vegetarian concoction made with a dollop of peanut butter - DELISH!

Thursday - Breakfast - Porridge
Snack - Large Orange 
Lunch - Leftover Stew
Snack - Oatcakes and Hummus
Snack - Green smoothie with Pineapple and Mango
Dinner - 3 bean chilli made with kidney beans, chick peas and butter beans and served with brown rice - I do love my carbs.

Friday  - Breakfast - Overnight Oats
Snack - Greek yoghurt and seeds 
Lunch - Leftover chilli 
Snack - Fruit Salad
Snack - Beetroot apple and ginger juice 
Dinner - Chicken and chorizo pasta 

Saturday - Brunch - Bacon medallions, low fat sausage, egg and beans 
Snack - Crackers and cheese
Dinner - Lentil Dahl with brown rice and Naan

Sunday - Brunch - Repeat of yesterday
Sunday Lunch-  Roast chicken with loads of veg and sweet potato roasties followed by fruit salad - YUM
Late snack - Hot Choc with a toasted crumpet and jam - lovely end to a delicious week.

If you would like any of the recipes I'm using this week or have any favourites you would like to share, please use the comment box below. 

Onwards and downwards xxx


  1. I've been making pasta salad for lunches at work, to stop me wanting carbs at dinner - I would love to know your chicken & chorizo pasta recipe! x

    1. Julie - Ellen21 April 2015 at 22:31

      LUCY I will post this at some point this week just for you.


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