iQ – The Guilt free, Low Calorie Chocolate – And Its GOOD for You !!

Saturday, 7 March 2015

If there is one thing I love as much as lipstick, it would have to be chocolate, but for years now I have tried to resist, as one diet after another told me it was sinful. Whatever my current eating plan was – low cal, low fat or sugar free – chocolate was always banned. So when I saw on Twitter recently a chocolate company that claimed their sweet treats were  positively GOOD for you, I have to admit I was sceptical! But I knew it was my duty to you my dearest reader, and to the cause of scientific research, to try this chocolate for myself – well everyone has a duty to take one for the team sometimes – ahem – and moving on!!

IQ is a health promoting, raw, bean-to-bar chocolate made from the rare and intoxicating Peruvian Criolio bean which is sweetened with coconut blossom and created in the hills of Scotland, with love – awww! 

It contains copper to protect your DNA from damage amd promote healthy skin and nails, magnese and phosphorous to support healthy bones and magnesium to strengthen your teeth, muscles and mood. 

Guys, this chocolate isn’t just good for you, it should be available on PRESCRiPTION!! 

IQ Chocolate comes in the cutest of packaging and a variety of wonderful flavours – my favourite is the peppermint, I adore dark chocolate and mint! 

Gluten free, dairy free, nut free, soya free GMO free – this chocolate contains no dodgy chemicals refined sugars, artificial additives or ingredients  – oh and it is suitable for vegans!!!

Best of all at 197 calories for the WHOLE bar, IQ Superfood chocolate is the perfect guilt free treat so whatever your eating plan – ENJOY!!!  

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