Bourjois Java Powder

Friday, 13 March 2015


Last year, to celebrate their 150th anniversary, Bourjois re-released one of their first best sellers, the Java Powder. When it was released it caused a huge buzz in the blogging community but despite looking in every Boots and Superdrug within a 10 mile radius of Glasgow, I could never find it in stock. Until last Saturday! Picture the scene. There I was just browsing the makeup stands as you do, just waiting for something to catch my eye, I suddenly spotted it – cue a most unladylike shoving and grabbing episode, and then it was finally mine! There may have been some squealing….

I absolutely love the packaging don’t you? The design is identical to the original but made in a sturdier plastic with a spin and release wheel. The powder itself looks very pink and glittery in the pot but DO NOT BE AFRAID, applied with a large fluffy brush as a setting powder, it will not make you look like a disco ball, rather it will brighten you skin and blur out any imperfections, enlarged pores, scarring, fine lines etc, leaving you with a flawless looking complexion.

This has been described as a dupe for the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders (which I reviewed here). Honestly? Although it is a similar product, I don’t see it as a dupe of any of the powders in my palette. I have swatched the pinkier Hourglass Mood Light and it is certainly very similar to that. 

I am really enjoying the Bourjois Java Powder, it makes me feel prettier and gives me the confidence that my skin is looking good – for less than a tenner that makes it a must buy in my book.

What product makes you feel more confident in your appearance?

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