Sienna X – For a Natural Golden Tan

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Have you noticed that the mornings are getting lighter. I used to get off the train in Edinburgh in the dark every morning but now I get to watch the sun rise somewhere around Falkirk. The other day the sun was streaming in my officer window and when I went out to buy lunch it was actually quite warm – not very warm but certainly not the sharp icy cold that it’s been around here recently. I definitely think that Spring is just around the corner, waiting to skip into our lives, bringing with it pastel nails, pretty tea dresses and bare legs.

Aargh bare legs in my case means pasty, white, milk bottles – Spring for me means time to start testing fake tans. 

I’m really not that great with self tanners. I dream of an all over golden glow but I end up with streaky orange tiger stripes. I keep hoping though, for a product that will deliver perfect results, even for cack handed amateur like myself, so when Sienna X sent me a bottle of their Q10 Cleansing Mousse to try, I couldn’t wait to get started. 

Sienna X sent me a few sachets of their other top sellers amongst which I found their Polishing Body Scrub so I jumped into the shower and gave myself a good going over with it, paying particular attention to those dry patchy bits that normally show up most orange, like the knees and elbows and the backs of my heels. This product contains lemongrass and ginger, together with the finest pumice grains and it has this amazing zingy fragrance – it’s a pleasure to use and left my skin all smooth and ready for my fake tan. 

I did a full post here on how I apply my fake tan so I won’t repeat that today. 

I found the Sienna X Q10 Bronzing Mousse really easy to use. The formula is lovely, very creamy with enough slip to make it easy to blend. The ingredients are totally premium; anti-ageing Q10, pomegranate, blackcurrant  and vitamin E which all treat the skin as it colours – with no parabens in sight. Oh and it’s fine to use if you’re cruelty free – noone wants a guilty conscience with their fake tan for Gawd’s sake!!! Smell wise it’s a bit odd – at first it reminded me off those chewy Drumstick lollipops but within 20 mins I could detect the faintest whiff of the dreaded Eau de Biscuits, which hung around till I washed off the guide colour the next morning.

And that’s where the magic happened. This tan is really, really good. It looks very natural, like I was just back from a break in the sun, with that gorgeous, post holiday glow. I’m sure you could build the tan up if you wanted more of a mahogany hue but the colour was more MIC than Geordie Shore which I loved. I can’t say my application was perfect, there was that streaky bit around my mid back that I am not bendy enough to reach and the underside of one of my wrists was pretty dodgy but all in all I was happy to get my legs out – result!!

I did also try both of the other little samples I was sent.

I loved the Radiance Body Balm which contains Almond oil, Shea butter and Vitamin E. It nourishes the skin and prolongs your tan and has subtle gold flecks which are almost invisible but add a beautiful  radiance to your skin.

I was also really taken with the Bronzing Gel, an instant tan for those times when you haven’t tanned and want to get your legs out or for those nights out when you know there will be lots of photos taken and want to be darker than dark. It is super easy to apply, blends effortlessly and is genuinely impossible to streak – even for me. Best of all it gives a deep deep tan than will NOT transfer onto your clothes or sheets and washes off in the shower the next morning – perfect! 

The Sienna X tanning range has won all sorts of awards from Pure Beauty, Harper’s Bazaar, the Sunday Times and the Beauty Guild amongst others. It’s not the cheapest product you will find on the shelf – the Bronzing Mousse is £24.99,( £5 from every bottle goes to the British Skin Foundation), but one bottle would easily contain enough tan to do your whole body half a dozen times or more or if you are like me and only tan those bits that show……, it should last most of the summer.

Do you still use the odd sunbed? Or are you a self tan girl like me ? 

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