My Last Supper – from Frankie and Benny's at the Glasgow Fort

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

My regular readers will know that I am a big fan of the Glasgow Fort, a shopping centre situated just off the M8 about five miles outside the city centre. Full of all of my favourite shops, restaurants and bars with plenty of free parking what is not to love?

One of my absolute favourite places to eat at the Glasgow Fort is Frankie and Benny’s Italian Diner. Stepping inside is like stepping into an Italian Restaurant in New York in the 50’s. There’s a bar area serving fab cocktails (more on that later), booth style seating and framed baseball memorabilia.

The F&B menu is centred round our old favourites Pizza and Pasta but it also offers a good range of  salads, burgers, fish, chicken and steak. I defy anyone not to find something to tickle their tastebuds.

We went in towards the end of the shift last Sunday night but were greeted warmly by a waiter who was friendly and enthusiastic but never imposed – don’t you just hate a waiter who makes it all about him?

My husband was driving so he was really pleased to see an alcohol free Becks on the menu, while I treated myself to a Margarita. Now I like to think of myself as a bit of a Margarita connoisseur. I have certainly drank enough of them to know a good one and this was right up there amongst the best. Tangy, full of zest, with a strong Tequilla kick and just enough salt to bring out the flavours, lovely! 

As we enjoyed our drinks we poured over the menu and eventually decided to skip the starter and head straight to the main course. I ordered Chicken and Chorizo Penne which was just as described – penne pasta with sliced chicken breast and generous chunks of spicy chorizo sausage tossed in a spicy tomato and chilli dressing and topped with shavings of fresh Parmesan. It was so good, rich and flavoursome, I loved every mouthful. My husband loves his pizza and this time he ordered a New Yorker Calzone – he raved about it. As he cut into it, I could see it was stuffed with spicy pepperoni , ham, bacon, mushrooms and mozzarella – all topped with a ladle of fresh tomato sauce. Yummy! 

There wasn’t much chat during the mains – just the occasional ‘ Mmmmmm’ or ‘ You HAVE to try this’  but it was a very contented silence. In all honesty I am rarely happier than when I am sharing delicious food with friends and family and luckily my husband feels the same.

After our empty plates were taken away we were given the dessert menus and all I can say is WOW! Waffles, Fudge Cake, Brownies, Apple Pie and some of the most tempting Sundaes I have ever seen. But I resisted. Well almost! I ordered another Margarita and my husband had a Blueberry Eton Mess, an aptly named muddle of vanilla and blueberry ice cream layered with meringue, blueberry sauce and whipped cream. WHICH THEY SERVED WITH TWO SPOONS ( evil laugh)! 

By the time we were done with the dessert we were both totally stuffed and ready for a night on the couch catching up with the week’s telly. There may or may not have been more drinks involved, but nothing in the class of those Margaritas! 

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