Saturday, 7 March 2015

Saturday, 7 March 2015

A Blogger's Must Have ???

Long before I started blogging myself, I was an avid blog reader and at first, I mistakenly thought that all you needed to start a blog was a catchy name, a good idea and a keyboard. How NAIVE!!!
Having started my own blog, I very quickly learned that in the blogosphere, one simply could NOT be considered as a REAL blogger without some blogging must-haves. In order to help other blogging newbies to avoid the mistake I made, I have decided to do a series on the items that any self respecting blogger must own. Some posts may be serious, others seriously tongue in cheek, I will leave it to you to decide which is which! 

Today's Blogger Must Have is the Diptyque candle. Available from all the beauty blogger's favourite shopping emporiums such as Space NK and Cult Beauty this is a pricey piece at £40 for a full size candle or £20 for a mini but it really isn't something any self respecting blogger can afford to be without.

Beautifully packaged in their iconic glass jars, these candles flicker in the background of many a blog image. My favourite for winter is Amber, I am obsessed with its warm, rich, seductive scent, but if you really want to show, you're in the blogging know then your choice would probably be fig.

Although they are undeniably expensive, I do think these candles are a justifiable luxury. They fragrance a whole room within minutes of lighting, burn evenly and last for about 40 hours . 

So if you are a new blogger and want to give your blog that je ne sais quoi, pick up a Diptyque candle today! 

Well you really can't call yourself a blogger without one dahling!!!


  1. Rebecca Ellis2 March 2015 at 16:30

    I have always wanted to purchase this candle, even before I started blogging it just smells wonderful! but as a student it's a little far out of my price range... basically if I purchased it that would be my weekly food budget gone (sigh) haha x

    1. Julie - Ellen2 March 2015 at 18:59

      it is expensive but you should look out for one in blog sales - you find some great bargains there x

  • I have heard so much about Diptyque candles over the years but I have never even seen one to have a sniff at. It is normally Yankee Candles that I buy so I will need to investigate their whereabouts so I can buy one and be a proper blogger :) xx

    The Life of Dee

    1. Julie - Ellen3 March 2015 at 20:49



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