The Exfolia Beauty Cloth – Is it a Miracle?

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

I am a face cloth girl. I buy super cheap packs of three from Primark and use them daily to remove my skincare products. I have used the exact same ones for years now and never really give them much thought. They do the job, I am happy.

But I have to admit to being quite intrigued when I was approached on Twitter and asked to try out a new kind of facecloth, the Exfolia Beauty Cloth. Suitable for all skin types from oily to dry, teen to mature even the most sensitive, Exfolia claim their Beauty Cloth will smooth and soften your skin, minimise hyper pigmentation and scarring, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, deep clean the pores, allow deeper penetration of skin care AND smoother application of self tan and cosmetics. 

Big claims…

Did it deliver?

I used the Beauty Cloth as part of my Pampering Sunday Facial which I wrote about here. I used it just like I would my face cloth to remove my cleansers and masks. The cloth is made from fibres which are 50-100 times thinner than a human hair which remove the dead skin cells. It feels a little rougher than a face cloth and I did find myself being quite careful and avoiding my eye area. After using the cloth just once though I have to say my skin really did feel noticeable softer and smoother. It would obviously take much longer to notice any difference in scarring or fine lines but my skin did feel very clean and looked much fresher and more glowy. I didn’t self tan today but I can imagine this would be perfect to use on the knees and heels and to remove any build up or mistakes. 

All in all I would say the Exfolia Beauty Cloth did deliver on its promises. It gave me the same level of results as I have previously experienced after a Microdermabrasion Treatment from a salon. Given that these treatments cost around £40 each and this cloth which lasts for 60-80 uses costs just £10.35 its a no brainer for me. I will definitely be using the Exfolia Beauty Cloth regularly as part of my skincare routine and totally recommend you give it a shot. 

If you want to try the Beauty Cloth for yourself then its available here. 

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