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Saturday, 15 November 2014

As you all know I started my blogging life as a beauty blogger but recently I have had a couple of lovely opportunities to dip my toe into style blogging and I have to say I have loved every moment of it. So when my favourite style PR Maria contacted me recently to ask if there was a man in  my life who would be interested in trying out a pair of shoes, I was excited to tell her that I had not one but TWO men who I knew would relish the opportunity.

So she set me a challenge – I had to pick one pair of shoes from Jacamo that both my husband and son would enjoy wearing. The colour could be different but the style had to be the same for both men. I have to admit that just for a moment, I wondered if I could make this work. My husband and son are very different – in lots of ways. My son is 22 – my husband is almost twice that. My son is a 6’4 student with size 13 feet, my husband is half a foot shorter and a size 8. My son lives in teeshirts while my husband is rather partial to a fine knit sweater. 

But I held my nerve, headed over to the Jacamo website and genuinely could not believe the huge selection of footwear available. Stocking men’s sizes from 3 to 16, Jacamo really does offer something for everyone. My son was thrilled as it can be really difficult to find anywhere that stocks shoes larger than a size 12 and it even rarer to find somewhere that offers a range of styles in the bigger sizes. But for the purposes of this post, I had to choose the style and it had to be a shoe that both would enjoy wearing. It was a difficult choice but eventually I decided a sporty look would work for them both so I chose a plimsoll style – white for Jack and black for Brian. I can honestly say both were thrilled with my choice when the shoes arrived.  

So first up is my handsome husband Brian who chose to wear his with a white teeshirt, cashmere v-neck in teal and indigo jeans.

And our number one Westie Choo had to get in on the act of course…

I really loved the shoes in black – and the rivet details looked really great I thought.

But then again, I loved the way the white pair looked on my Jack…

He wore them more casually with a polo shirt and jeans rolled up to the ankle.

And wee Stan wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to make another appearance on the blog…

Both Jack and Brian were really happy with their shoes – they agreed that the fit was true to size, the quality was good and they really were just as comfortable as they look. 

Why not treat the man in your life to a new pair of shoes from Jacamo – quality, style and comfort at a price you can afford. 

What’s not to love?

Check out the Jacamo website here

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