Pampering Sunday – My 12 Step Facial Massage

Sunday, 24 August 2014

As summer comes to an end, one of the things I am not looking forward to is the way winter makes me look and feel. My skin hates central heating, and so for me winter means tired sallow puffy skin with blocked pores. Oh and don’t forget the red eyes and nose that comes with the winter sniffles. Sexy!

One thing that always makes me look and feel better is going for a facial and the best bit is that heavenly moment when I lie back with my eyes closed while the therapist works her magic on my face. Bliss! 

But a facial massage is not just for relaxation. Massage improves blood circulation and muscle tone, and encourages all those nasty toxins to drain away. Done properly it should leave your skin brighter, tighter and decongested – and your nose and sinuses will be clearer too.

Now if I was a celebrity or lottery winner I would have a facial every week but until then I make facial massage a regular part of my pampering Sunday – beauty at home routine.

If you want to give it a try – here is what I do.

Before I start, I clean my face thoroughly and wash my hands. Then I pour a few drops of  facial oil into the palm of my hands and rub them together to warm it up. I use about three or four drops – not too much, I am going for precision here so I don’t want to be sliding about. 

I do a two step treatment which begins with a pressure point massage to release all the rotten toxins that have built up.

1. I take the first two fingers of each hand and put them behind my ears, just in that little hollow behind my ear lobes. I press firmly and circle my finger tips moving down to the collarbone. I do this three times.

2. I place the three fingers of each hand in the middle of my forehead, press hard for 5 seconds then release. I then move my fingers slightly out and do it again all across my forehead finishing at the temples.

3. I then put the same three fingers on the bone under my eye and again press firmly for five, working my way down to my jaw.

4. Next I put my middle finger above my top lip and do the press and hold for five movement all the way round to the corner of my mouth. I repeat this a couple of times. 

5. Finally I put my thumbs under my chin and the knuckle of my first finger on top. I nip the skin between my thumb and knuckle for a count of 5 and release. I do this all the way up my jaw-line finishing under my ears.

I then move on to a regular massage which helps all the toxins that have been released to drain out of my face.

6. I curl the fingers on both hands into claws. I place the backs of my fingers into the hollows under my cheekbones. I circle the knuckles firmly and slowly as if I am kneading dough, moving gradually up my face to the front of my ears. I do this two or three times.

7. The last time I keep my knuckles at the front of my ears and massage in the hollows under my cheekbones using the same circular motion. I do this for about a minute

8. Then I put my middle three fingertips at each side of my mouth and firmly push diagonally up and out, past the corners of my eyes to my temples. I do this for about a minute. 

9. I put the same fingertips under each of my eyebrows and push up splaying my fingers out as you go. Again I do this for about a minute.

10. Then starting from the tear duct, I very gently run my middle fingers all along the bone under each eye out to my temples smoothing out any little creases as I go. 

11. Finally I put your first finger below and my middle finger above my jaw bone on either side of my chin then push up towards my ears. If you are doing this right, your middle finger will end up in the hollow in front of your ear lobe with your first finger behind it. Gently press in and out for 10 secs. I repeat this last move maybe five or six times and I’m done.

12. As always, I rub any excess product on the backs of my hands. 

I know these instructions sound super complicated to read but take your phone, tablet or even your laptop into your bathroom, prop it up beside the sink and give it a go. Its amazing how instinctive a lot of the moves are. Once you’ve tried it a few times, you will easily get the hang of it. 

Your skin may look quite pink and feel a bit tingly after a massage – don’t worry that means you’re doing it right. I tend to do this full routine every Sunday as part of my at home facial which I wrote about here. It slots in perfectly after my toner and before I start with my masks. I also do a short version of it as part of my nightly skincare routine and have really noticed a difference in my skin.

If you want to really treat yourself this Sunday then give yourself a top to toe spa makeover – with the help of my guides to a salon perfect manicure here, pedicure here, fake tan here and facial here. 

And if you haven’t tried facial massage before, then go on give it a go. Sundays were made for pampering after all x

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