Kim v Kylie – the Battle of the Kardashian Lips

Monday, 12 January 2015


I am officially obsessed with everything Kardashian – their figures, clothes, lifestyles and even their LIPS!! And I am not alone. As I write this, fans continue to tweet speculation about whether Kylie has had a lip job and what lip colour she uses. But dig a little harder and you will find that someone close to Kylie has already let that particular cat out of the bag, her very own big sister Kimmy.  In her interview with our very own Sam and Nic over at Pixiwoo, Kim Kardashian spilled the beans about Kylie’s fav lip products and even shared the secret of her own perfect pout. 

Turns out that what Kylie uses to line and fill in her lips is one single lipliner in the shade Soar by Mac. Yup, it really is that simple. No lipstick, no gloss, just Soar – simple but oh so effective. 

Kim herself told the Chapman sisters that her fav lip liner is also by Mac although her shade of choice is  Stripdown. Unlike Kylie, Kim outlines her lips with Stripdown, fills in with Angel then tops with lots and lots of gloss.

Now obviously having learned the Kardashian’s lip secrets, I headed straight to the Mac website to purchase the lipliners but unfortunately both products were out of stock – BOO! Luckily Mac run a notification scheme and within a few weeks I had received an email letting me know that both shades were back in stock.

Luscious lips here I come.

If you want to watch the Chapman’s interview with Kim for yourself, you can find it here.

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