Monday, 30 June 2014

Opale Expert - Serum Lift AntiRide Opale Expert - Serum Lift AntiRide

I was recently sent an anti wrinkle serum to review. 
The serum is called Serum Lift Antiride and is part of a collection by Opale Expert, a company based in Monaco.
I did a little research and found that the Opale Laboratories were founded in Monaco in 1977 and  initially worked for prestigious, internationally renowned brands such as Helena Rubinstein, LancĂ´me, Vichy and Guerlain as well as Biotherm and Lancaster, two of the leading cosmetics companies of Monaco. Their founder Marc Fauchart, an world famous cosmetologist, was driven by the desire to set up his own line of high end cruelty free products. Over the years, the team he led, developed a variety of innovative and exclusive cosmetic formulas that now make up the premiere Opale collection. 
The Serum is beautifully presented in a box with a sealed lid. Inside the box is a lightweight and practical bottle which holds a generous 30mls of product, with a pump delivery system allowing a fuss free application. 
The serum itself is a delicate pale gold colour and has the most exquisite fragrance, like an exotic fruity cocktail for the skin. I find myself deeply inhaling every time I use it. The texture is that of a very light gel which absorbs almost instantly leaving no stickiness on the skin. I have used the serum daily for 3 weeks, at night and in the morning after cleansing and before using my moisturiser.
I have really enjoyed using this product which contains Alfalfa extract, an organically certified natural ingredient which has a similar effect to Retinol. Clinical and consumer trials show this product delivers a 19% wrinkle reduction after one month of use. I haven't yet used it for a full month but I can absolutely see an improvement in the appearance of my skin. 
1. It looks firmer smoother and more taut. 
2. It has the healthy glow of a woman many years younger than I am.
3. I have received numerous compliments on my skin in the last week.
I will definitely keep using this lovely serum and hope the positive effects on my skin continue. If you want to find out more about this luxurious natural skincare collection, check out their website here .
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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Coconut Oil - the Beauty Edit!! Coconut Oil - the Beauty Edit!!

So last week I wrote here about oil pulling with coconut oil and shared some of the benefits I have experienced. Throughout this week though I have found myself reaching for the jar over and over for all sorts of different reasons, so today I am going to share with you my 8 top tips for using Coconut Oil as part of your everyday beauty routine. 

1. Hair Care
Coconut oil can work wonders for dry damaged dull hair or hair which is frizzy or tangley. It is one of the best natural nutrients for hair as it contains rich fatty acids and proteins which are much more effective than shop bought hair masks and conditioners. Coconut oil promotes healthy growth and shine and can actually strengthen hair which has been weakened by heat or chemical treatments. 
Exposure to hot sun, swimming in the sea and chlorinated pools can all wreak havoc on our hair as can over processing and heat styling but a pure coconut oil can replace the moisture and improve shine and texture. Just take half a scoop of coconut oil and warm it between your palms till it melts. Apply the melted oil to the mid lengths of your hair and distribute evenly to the ends. Comb through with a tangle teaser or wide toothed comb then twist your hair into a bun and forget about it. The oil will be completely absorbed within an hour or so.
Sometimes if I feel my hair needs a little extra tlc, I will saturate it in coconut oil as a mask. I leave it on overnight and shampoo out the following morning. 
If you suffer from dandruff then massaging coconut oil into the scalp will offer a natural solution. If you are a mother of young children, then comb your child's hair through with coconut oil and a fine toothed comb at least once a week as a chemical free remedy for head lice. 

2. Moisturiser

Coconut oil is an excellent moisturiser for all skin types and can prevent dryness and flaking. It helps prevent signs of premature ageing such as wrinkled and sagging skin due to its antioxidant properties. Coconut oil is used to treat various skin problems including psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and other skin infections. 

3. Makeup Remover

Coconut Oil's antibacterial properties make it perfect for gently removing makeup and grime from the skin - its an ideal first cleanser. It removes even the most stubborn waterproof mascara and is uber-hydrating.

4. Night Cream

Coconut oil makes a great night cream. Take advantage of the bargain price and really slather it on. As well as moisturising your skin, coconut oil can reinforce the skins natural lipid barrier helping to lock moisture in leaving your skin plumped up and super hydrated.  

5. Massage Oil

Coconut oil is ideal for use as a massage oil. Because it doesn't absorb immediately, it allows for a long 'play time,' (ooh er) which is perfect for massage.

6. Lip Balm

The same fatty acids in coconut oil that help your skin hold onto moisture also provide the same benefit to your lips; - when used as a lip balm, the fatty acids in the coconut oil create a barrier, locking moisture in. It helps that it tastes and smells totally delicious.

7. Foot and Body Scrub

If you mix coconut oil with sugar or salt, you've got an amazing body scrub with exfoliating properties. It’s especially effective for use on your feet because of the natural anti-fungal properties.

8. Cuticle Cream

One of the important properties of coconut oil is that it's anti-fungal which makes it great for treating ragged cuticles, especially on the toes.  The emollient nature of the coconut oil keeps the cuticles soft and the nails flexible and well nourished. 

So those are my 8 top tips for using Coconut Oil as part of your everyday beauty routine. Have I missed anything out?

Next week I will publish the last post in this series - Coconut Oil - the Health and Fitness Edit.

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Friday, 27 June 2014

Sexy Sassy Summer Shorts Sexy Sassy Summer Shorts

Summer Shorts

Summer Shorts by juleslikeslippy 

It used to be that we wore shorts only in the summer with bare legs and flip flops. Nowadays they are a staple part of our wardrobes worn day and night, summer and winter, with bare legs or over tights or even leggings. This summer I am particularly loving the wide variety of styles available, with a style available for every occasion.

Sexy, sassy, summertime shorts - which are your favourites?

Miss Selfridge top

Zara jacket

Vintage 90s Levi's Denim Cut offs in Black | House of Jam | ASOS...
$44 -

MOTO Red Daisy Mini Hotpants - Topshop
$37 -

Charlotte Neon Floral Skort at
$26 -

Ella Wrap Front Beaded Hem Paisley Runner Shorts at
$20 -

2040 Womens Retro High Waisted Oversize Crimping Boyfriend Jeans...

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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Morange Lipstick by Mac Morange Lipstick by Mac

My regular readers will know my favourite Mac lipstick ever is So Chaud, a orangey red which is I think works really well with my skin colour which has strong yellow undertones.
Knowing how much I loved that one, my number 1 daughter decided to push me slightly out of my comfort zone and bought me Mac Morange. I can't deny when I open the bullet I felt a little thrill of something approaching apprehension or was it excitement.
Morange is described by Mac as a bright cream orange and it absolutely is. This has not a hint of coral or peach. There is nothing pink about this lipstick. It is what it is. A bright cream orange. For me this is not a colour I would wear to work or to go shopping. This is a colour I would wear when I want to stand out from the crowd. Daytime with a tan and big pair of sunnies or at night with strong brows and neutral eyes. This is a colour that shouts out to the room, wear it and you will be noticed.
Morange is an amplified formula, so super pigmented yet very creamy and not at all drying on the lips. It applies completely opaque with one swipe from the bullet although with colours this bold I like to apply with a lip brush and use a lipliner. Mac have introduced a lipglass that matches if you like more gloss - I am not  a gloss girl but it looks like a perfect match. Morange has decent wear time, about five hours on me, so I reapply after eating and it lasts all day. 

Morange comes in the usual matte black packaging that we all know and love and has Mac’s signature vanilla fragrance. If you want to add Morange to your Mac lipstick wardrobe it will set you back just £15 here.

Read my review of Mac Girl About Town here.
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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Alchemy Grapefruit Hair Remedy Alchemy Grapefruit Hair Remedy

At Alchemy Oils they believe in simplicity which is why they have created a nourishing blend of 5 super oils. The result is a purely natural product which has nothing else added and nothing taken away to ensure your hair absorbs everything it needs to improve the condition of your hair and strengthen it from within.

The result is a product which is not only multi-tasking but also super effective at thickening your hair, improving its condition, fighting dandruff, looking after your scalp and improving lustre. It even contains castor oil a long time favourite of mine which promotes growth. The Grapefruit Hair Remedy is a hair oil which is rich enough to be used as an overnight hair treatment if like me your hair is damaged by bleach but it is also light enough to be used as a styling product on damp hair. Alchemy claim that their Grapefruit Hair Remedy is a powerhouse of the most effective oils, each one with different benefits which all complement one another. Whether you have fine, thick, dry, greasy, frizzy or even afro hair, they say that this oil will be the perfect product for all your hair needs.
Oh and just to make it perfect I should mention that the Alchemy Grapefruit Hair Remedy is an all natural product with no SLS or nasty parabens. 

As my regular readers know I have long thick hair which is naturally coarse and frizzy. Originally strong, over the years, I have alternately bleached it, dyed it black and bleached it out again. Not content with the chemical damage I have inflicted on it, for years I have curled and straightened it mercilessly. Its a wonder I have any hair left.
For the last few years I have tried to be a little kinder to my hair. I still bleach it but go easier on heat styling and do try to use good quality treatments regularly. I was delighted to be contacted by Alchemy and to receive a bottle of the Grapefruit Remedy to review for you all.
The presentation of the product is lovely, a traditional looking glass bottle with a cork stopper, containing 100mls of the golden blend of natural oils. When you remove the stopper, take a long deep sniff of the contents - the fragrance is delicious - the soft, sweet scent of pure grapefuit oil. I couldn't resist immediately pouring about a tablespoonful of the oil onto the palm of my hand. I warmed it by rubbing my hands together then massaged it into my scalp then distributed it all the way through from the roots to the ends. I know those of you with greasy hair may shudder at the thought of applying oil to your roots but trust me, it will NOT make your hair more greasy, it actually helps to regulate oil production. Remember too, for the castor oil to do its job and give you faster hair growth, you need to really rub it into the hair follicles on your scalp. The company recommend leaving the oil on your hair for at least 20 minutes but I put my hair up in a bun and left it in all day. Before I went out that night I washed my hair in the shower using my usual products and was delighted to find no residue left in my hair at all. I actually added a few more drops to the ends of my hair before drying and I was delighted with the results. Firstly the oil seemed to reduce my hair's absorbency so it only took about 20 minutes to dry instead of my usual 40, which with hair as heavy as mine is a welcome result. I was also really happy that my hair looked so smooth and glossy when I had finished drying that I didn't feel the need to use straighteners or a glossing spray. Even better, the blow dry lasted for a good three days which is not usual for me. But best of all, this oil is actually improving the condition of my hair so that every time I wash it, my hair just looks better and better.

I actually cannot think of anyone that shouldn't try this product. Whatever your hair type, you're going to see results and let's face it who DOESN'T want softer smoother glossier hair. If you do, it's easy, just get your very own bottle of the Alchemy Grapefruit Hair Remedy here for £17.99 for 100mls. I HIGHLY recommend it!

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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

ERiiS for Sun - Latte Solaire Sun Protection Milk ERiiS for Sun - Latte Solaire Sun Protection Milk

I was recently sent this lovely sun protection milk by ERiiS for Sun.
ERiiS have produced a complete range of sun protection milks that combines a new and innovative filtering system with the energy of fresh fruit extracts. Triple action UVA, UVB, and Infrared-A protection, in a real juice formula, to refresh the skin before, during and after sun exposure. What is novel about these products is its active ingredients.
First up is IRIDIXINA-S which is a complex of sun protection filters that the company say ensures TRIPLE Protection from UVA, UVB and Infrared-A rays. They claim it actively targets free radicals generated by exposure to the sun and helps prevent damage to skin cells. They further say the complex prevents the formation of "Solar Scars" into the dermis and protects against premature skin ageing which results in the appearance of skin ageing which results in the appearance of wrinkles, age-spots and loss of skin elasticity. 
Next up is Carrot Fresh Cells Extract, a real live microencapsulated cellular extract which comes from the carrot root and is a natural source of beta-caroten, which is useful in repairing skin tissue. This ingredient deeply hydrates the skin whilst ensuring an intense even tan. Finally the Sun Milk contains a Vitamin A, C and E complex which helps to protect and regenerate skin stressed by sun exposure by limiting the risk of erythema and abnormal pigmentation.
Sounds amazing - I couldn't wait to try it out.
The product is contained in a lightweight plastic bottle with a pump delivery system. The product is dispensed as a light cream which melts into the skin and is quickly absorbed.  It is completely non greasy which makes it very pleasant to use and has a light natural fragrance which I really liked. 
I first used this product when heading out on a day trip with the girls. After I applied it I popped it in my bag and reapplied a couple of times during the day. It took only a few secs due to the lightweight texture so it was no problem at all.
Did the problem work? Well it certainly protected my skin from burning during a long hot day in the sun. 
Best of all it is dermatologically tested, nickel tested and paraben and allergen free so its perfect for use on all of the family, even children with sensitive skin.
Eriis for Sun is currently only available online but will shortly be available from Superdrug here. 

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Monday, 23 June 2014

Edelweiss Skincare Collection by Siin Edelweiss Skincare Collection by Siin

Edelweiss Edelweiss
Every morning you greet me
Small and white, clean and bright
You look happy to meet me
Blossom of snow
May you bloom and grow
Bloom and grow forever...

Everyone knows the song Edelweiss from the Sound of Music. It is named after the edelweiss, a legendary white flower found high in the Alps. What you may not know is that this little bloom whose name means noble and white in German, is a bit of a miracle,  surviving for more than a thousand years under severe climate conditions, dehydration and UV-radiation.

Siin skincare have harnessed the power of this special little plant which has over 40 naturally active ingredients and combined it with award winning biosynthetic active ingredients in an exclusive, deep penetrating liposome system. Their new Edelweiss Skincare Collection claims to stimulate blood circulation, increase cell elasticity and stimulate cell renewal producing a noticeable reduction in  lines and wrinkles.

Sounds great right? So when I was offered the opportunity to try out some of these wonderful products, I was thrilled to accept.

The products arrived beautifully presented in a satin lined box. My initial impression was of total luxury - I think I may have let out a little squeal as I opened it. When I removed the products from the box, I saw that I  had been sent a generous 30mls of the EdelWeiss Milky Cleansing and 30mls of the Edelweiss 24 Hour Essence Cream. I could hardly wait to begin using them. 

I started the following morning and used the products daily for a month before starting to write this review for you.

Edelweiss Milky Cleanser - My product came in a 30ml squeeze tube but if you were to buy this you would pay £32.90 and would receive 100mls in a silvery shiny pump dispenser. The ingredient list is impressive, containing energised Spring Water from the Alps, Edelweiss Extract, Goji-berry with Vitamin C, A (retinol) and Vitamin B and Ginseng Root Extract. This product is dermatologically tested, contains no paraffin, no parabins and is cruelty free. The Milky Cleanser has a very mild but pleasant fragrance. It has the texture of a runny gel which gently foams when massaged onto damp skin. I first tried using this cleanser in the evening but it didn't really take my makeup off - in fairness it doesn't claim to be a makeup remover. It could be used as a second cleanse but I like to use a more hydrating cleanser at night so prefer a balm type texture. For me this was a perfect morning cleanser, fresh and revitalising. I felt that after using it, my skin was thoroughly cleansed without being left dry or tight. 

Edelweiss 24H Essence Cream - Again my product came in a 30ml squeeze tube but if you were to buy this product for an eye watering £117.50 you would again receive 100ms (a huge amount of product) in a glass polymer bottle with a pump. Obviously that is a lot of money but what price good skin. When I think about what I would be prepared to spend on makeup that made my skin look younger and healthier, it makes much more sense to invest that money in skincare that delivers permanent results. When I first used this product, I was a little surprised by its texture. I was expecting a thick cream, but this is a light lotion which is non greasy and very quickly absorbed. Do not be fooled though, this product is lightweight in texture but not in results. Siin claim their 24H Essence Cream will provide extensive and long lasting hydration, neutralise free radicals, stimulate collagen production and reduce wrinkly depth. I have now been using the product for a month and I am really very impressed. I have mature skin which is starting to show the effects of passing years. I recently returned from holiday so my skin was very dehydrated. As soon as I started using this product I noticed it becoming more hydrated, it felt more comfortable and looked plumper with a healthy glow. This product has an SPF15 and is a beautiful base for makeup. It is quick and easy to use yet the results are frankly astonishing. I can't say I look like a teenager again but its been a long time since my skin looked this good. This product may be pricey but to put it into context, Estee Lauder's Day Cream is £40 for 50mls so its in the same ballpark, and the Edelweiss 24H Essence Cream really delivers. 

In short the Edelweiss Skincare Collection by Siin is an investment purchase but one that I highly recommend you make. These products are luxurious high end skincare that are a joy to use and deliver noticeable results. If you are in the market for a new moisturiser then I would particularly recommend, the Edelweiss 24H Essence Cream. 

The collection contains a number of other products which I haven't tried, a tonic, an eye product and a serum for those in their 25s, 35s and 50s each specifically targeting the concerns of those age groups.

If you are ready to make an investment in a lifetime of beautiful skin, check out the full Siin range here.
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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Coconut Oil Pulling Coconut Oil Pulling

You will remember I recently wrote about do it yourself haircare  (if you missed it, check it out here) and one of the stars of that post was coconut oil. A quick search on the internet will show that I am not the only fan of coconut oil, it has become a bit of a cult hero and has been accredited with performing a multitude of beauty miracles when used as haircare and skincare. In addition health and fitness gurus rave about what coconut oil can do for your health and fitness regime. Coconut Oil really has everyone talking about about it so I thought I would take a closer look at what this little product can do. Over the next few weeks I will look at the skincare, haircare and healthcare benefits of incorporating coconut oil into your daily life.
This week as the first post in this mini series, I am looking at the health AND beauty benefits that some people say can be gained by Pulling with Coconut Oil.
So what is it. Coconut Oil pulling is simply replacing your mouth wash with Coconut Oil. After brushing and flossing take a level tablespoon of coconut oil into your mouth and keep it their for about 20 mins. As it warms it liquifies and you can swish it about.
People who have been pulling for a while report all sorts of benefits. Almost all experience healthier gums, whiter teeth and well conditioned, blemish free, glowing skin. Some suggest the benefits are not just skin deep and have helped their digestion, hormonal issues, migraine headaches, joint pain, and even fatigue. 
So does it work? I have been coconut oil pulling every night for almost a fortnight now. I truly expected to be nauseated by it but was surprised by how easy it is. If you are easily nauseated maybe try refined coconut oil which has very little taste or smell. For me it was fine. What I wasn’t expecting was that the coconut oil increases as it absorbs the toxins so use a little less to begin with until you get used to it.
Within a few days it had become part of my routine. I brushed , flossed then popped the Coconut Oil in my mouth and continued with my evening routine. After I had finished my skincare routine and got dressed, it was time to spit it in the bin. Be careful not to use the sink for this as it will solidify and block your drains.
Obviously two weeks is nothing like long enough to experience all of the benefits accredited to coconut oil pulling but I am really happy with how it is going. My teeth feel so clean, like when you have just had them polished and I think they are starting to look a little lighter, though its very gradual, nothing dramatic at all. I have definitely noticed that my breath is sweeter in the mornings - no more morning breath for me. Another thing I have noticed is an improvement in the texture of the skin on my knees and elbows - seriously- they feel mush less rough than they did which is great. The last benefit I have noticed is how soft and well conditioned my lips are. Kisstastic!!
So for me coconut oil pulling hasn’t produced any miraculous transformations but the improvements I have seen in my skin and dental hygiene are enough that I will keep at it. If you are interested in trying this, the Coconut Oil I bought was from Holland and Barrett here and cost £15.49 for almost half a litre. 
Have you tried oil pulling? Which oil did you use and what benefits have you experienced?

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Friday, 20 June 2014

Summertime Sandals Summertime Sandals

Summer Time Sandals

Summer Time Sandals by juleslikeslippy 

So if you follow my 10 Tips for Sexy Summer Feet you will be ready to get those tootsies out so as promised, here is my choice of this summer's heeled sandals. New Look in particular have excelled themselves this summer which a huge selection at bargain prices. If I had to choose just one pair (I really can't promise to buy just one) then it would be the Yellow Pair from Top Shop or for dressier events the Studded pair from Zara. Which are your favourites?

Zara footwear

Zara footwear

Topshop buckle sandals

Topshop leather high heel shoes

Zara wide heel sandals

Topshop sandals

STEVE MADDEN LIABLE SM - Strappy Leather Wooden Effect Heel Sandal -...
$93 -
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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Girl About Town by Mac Girl About Town by Mac

I mentioned in Saturday's post that I had a wee splurge at a blog sale recently and one of the things I picked up, was the Girl About Town lipstick by Mac. As regular readers will know I have a fair few Mac lipsticks and in all honesty really didn’t need another but this shade has been calling to me for quite some time now so when I saw it at a bargain price, I just had to have it.
Girl About Town is described by Mac as a fabulous fuchsia but I think it looks much classier than that. A classic deep pink with purple undertones, it can be applied with a finger as a pretty berry stain or straight from the bullet to give a full on, stunning, hot pink pout. Either way, this colour is perfect day or night, winter or summer and can always be relied on to brighten up my often tired complexion - I really need to get more sleep!!!
Girl About Town is an amplified formula, so super pigmented yet very creamy and not at all drying on the lips. It has decent wear time, about three or four hours on me, lasting through the litres of water I drink, although I do reapply after food. What I especially love about this lipstick is that it wears off evenly without leaving that nasty lip liner effect that other lipsticks do. In fact this colour stains the lips so when it starts to wear off, you are left with a lovely berry colour on your lips.

Girl about Town comes in the usual matte black packaging that we all know and love and has Mac’s signature vanilla fragrance. If you want to add Girl About Town to your Mac lipstick wardrobe it will set you back just £15 here.
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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Ultra-Volume Mascara from the Baobella Boutique Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Ultra-Volume Mascara from the Baobella Boutique

 Have you heard of Baobella? If not, where have you been? Baobella is a little bit of Internet heaven for beauty lovers - featuring beauty news reviews and daily bargains such as the Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Ultra Volume Mascara reduced from £18 to less than £10 for 9mls. 
I have very strong straight eyelashes that seem to have got shorter and more sparse over the years. As a result I have spent a great deal of time and money looking for the perfect mascara which will return my lashes to their youthful best. So far I have found some that do a good job, but none that are great, so when I was contacted by Michelle on behalf of the Baobella Boutique and asked if I would like to review the Sexy Pulp Ultra Volume Mascara by Yves Rocher, I didn't hesitate to say yes. As always, I tried the product over a period of several weeks before writing this review.
The packaging of this mascara is nothing too special, It is quite a compact tube but holds a standard 9mls of product.
The formula is perfect, neither too wet nor too dry, coating the lashes perfectly without clumping even after multiple coats. But it is the brush that really puts this mascara ahead of the pack. It is an unusual shape with hourglass curves and has a really big brush, similar in size to Benefits Bad Gal Lash but much easier to control. The density of the bristles help grab every lash and the curves coat even the shortest lashes adding volume and length. I curl my lashes and this product helped hold the curl in place all day long - it was actually still there when I came to remove the mascara at the end of the day. I am really enjoying wearing this mascara and am very likely to repurchase especially if it is still available for half price from the Baobella Boutique.
If you are interested in purchasing this product or checking out the other products available at discount prices from the Baobella Boutique then check out there website here.

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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Sunkissed Instant Self Tanning Mousse and Mitt Sunkissed Instant Self Tanning Mousse and Mitt

Photo of Sunkissed Self Tan Mousse and Mitt

I have been home from holiday for a few weeks now and my tan is starting to fade so I decided that this was the perfect time to test out the Instant Self Tanning Mousse and Mitt sent to me for review. 

I am a firm believer that everyone looks better with a tan but quit using sun beds years ago so I have tried lots of different tans in my time, some really good and lots pretty bad.

Before applying fake tan it is vital to prepare your skin properly by using a good body scrub to slough off any dry skin patches. Concentrate especially on areas like your heels, knees and elbows. Never skip this stage or the fake tan will cling to the dry areas leaving you with dodgy orange patches. 
Something else to beware off is staining your nails. I avoid this by quickly applying a coat of polish to my finger and toe nails and removing it once I have tanned. 

The Sunkissed Instant Self Tan is a light brown mousse. Although described as instant, that refers to the guide colour, the tan itself takes some time to develop so once applied, I just popped on loose jammies and left it on overnight. 

This product had a lovely coconut fragrance that reminded me of suntan lotion, much better than the usual rich tea scent and it reminded me of my holidays.

When I got up in the morning I couldn’t wait to see how my tan had developed. I have to admit I was originally a little shocked because it looked very orange but I remembered I still had to remove the guide colour and jumped into the shower. Five minutes later and I was thrilled by the colour. It wasn't the deepest tan I've ever had but it was a beautifully light golden brown colour which I really liked.

What I love most about this product though was that it is entirely free of alcohol and parabens so it has no drying effect on the skin.

Would I recommend it? Yes I would! This is a lovely product which is available for for the bargain price of just £2.66 from Superdrug here.

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Monday, 16 June 2014

Skincare Collection by Yours Truly Organics Skincare Collection by Yours Truly Organics

Regular readers will know that I love my skincare so I was thrilled when approached by Yours Truly Organics and asked to review a range of products. Unfortunately the particular products in the collection did not suit my skin type so I passed them to my beautiful daughter Becca to test out for you all.

Becca says;

I've now had over a month to properly review these products and see how well they work over time, and without giving away any spoilers, I really really love this range. None of the products are not tested on animals which is always good, they are vegan friendly, cruelty free and made in the UK. 

The Take It Away Gel Cleanser is probably my favourite product of all. At £22 for 150 mls this is a high end product enriched with Vitamin C and Sandalwood Oil. It claims to remove impurities from the skin whilst maintaining its natural elasticity. I  was apprehensive to begin with as I usually avoid gel type cleansers, having been warned they would dry out my skin. This one though has a really unusual texture, not drying in the slightest. It comes out quite thin and runny, but when it hits your wet face and is massaged in, it thickens and feels almost like a balm. I love using this cleanser with my Clarisonic. It doesn't really foam up at all, it just thickens and becoming creamy feeling. After it is washed off, your face feels really hydrated and silky soft. This doesn't feel heavy like the Emma Hardie cleansing balm for example, or even the Balance Me, just comfortable and hydrated. It has a characteristic rich gingery orange smell, almost like marmalade which is really nice! Its extremely similar to that of the Origins Make a Difference range. 
I will absolutely repurchase this cleanser once I finish it. I really love it, and I've completely forgotten about my previously beloved Perricone MD cleanser!

Next up is the Balancing Toner which is priced at £19 for 150ml. It claims to return your skin to its optimal pH level and improve its ability to absorb moisture, It includes witch hazel and aloe vera to soothe and repair. I used this toner in conjunction with my Pixi Glo Tonic because my skin really needs a lot of exfoliation to keep it looking nice. This smells different from the rest of the range, like lightly floral witch hazel, not a very strong smell. The spray is a good light mist, which doesn't sound important but there is nothing more annoying than an uneven spray or one which is too wet leaving you sitting trying to air dry! Its a very light formula and again is lightly hydrating but I think is really good at clearing spots, which is a hard combo to get right. I really notice that this toner calms the angry red cystic spots which I sometimes get quite badly.

The third step in this little routine is the Fix me! Repairing Serum £28 for 30mls. This claims to repair, soothe and tighten with Cat Kernal and reduce inflamation caused by blemishes with Sesame Seed Extract and Saw Palmetto
The serum comes in a handy little dropper bottle which makes it really easy to get the right amount. I do have one bugbear about it - I didn't love the texture. When massaged in it turned slightly white, almost like it was a face wash, which was strange, and when it dried it felt slightly tight and sticky, which I really didn't like. With that said, the tightness went away once moisturiser was applied on top, and the results in the morning made up for it. I feel like my skin is noticeably brighter - cliched but true - really more radiant, fresh and even looking. Over the course of the month of use my red and purple acne marks noticeably lightened, more than the acid exfoliator ever did alone, and for that reason I could not care less about the residual stickiness, and will use this product until its done and then likely repurchase! Love.

Finally, the Face Base Face Balm Moisturiser which at £25 for 100mls is formulated with Pea Extract to improve elasticity and regulate your skin's sebum production and Daisy Flower Extract to brighten your complexion.
This product has a lighter orange scent, with a fresh floral base. It is a lovely moisturiser, quite rich but not oily, and it sinks in fairly quickly. I wouldn't wear this product underneath makeup as it is quite moisturising and would make my skin look shiny, but it is my staple night cream. 

All in all, this is a lovely range of products, all of which I recommend, but particularly the cleansing gel and the serum to those not particularly funny about texture.

So that was Becca's review, she loved the products and I can confirm her skin has looked clearer and healthier recently. It has a glow to it that is  really pretty. If you would like to try these products but are scared they may not suit your skin, Yours Truly have sample sizes of all products available for just £5 for you to test on your own face. Isn't that a great idea. You can order your samples or just learn more about the products at the Yours Truly Website here.
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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Pampering Sunday - Ten Steps to Sexy Feet Pampering Sunday - Ten Steps to Sexy Feet

After a winter in thick socks and ankle boots, the thought of baring all in summer sandals can be pretty daunting, so today I am going to share with you my ten steps to sexy summer feet.

Before you start, gather together everything you will need. I suggest a foot bath, soak, varnish remover, cotton wool, buffer or scraper, foot exfoliator, moisturiser, cuticle remover, nail file, polish and a couple of soft fluffy towels.

The first thing to do is to remove any scruffy old polish you still have on your toe nails. If you’re wearing hard to remove glitter, my top tip is to soak a cotton wool pad in remover and place against the nail then wrap the toe in tin foil. Leave for 5 minutes then unwrap and watch the glitter simply slip off the nail. 

While your feet are still dry, buff briskly with a foot file to begin to remove hard skin. I am currently using the Ped Egg from Boots which I like because it catches all the hard skin rather than spraying it all over. GROSS!!!

The next step is my favourite. Sit back and relax with your feet soaking in a warm bath. Don't use hot water - luke warm is best. If your have a posh massaging foot bath then use it, if not then toss a handful of marbles in the bottom of the basin to achieve the same effect. My favourite soak is the Dead Sea Spa Magik which removes any ingrained grime and softens the skin of your feet. Best of all it costs just £5.50 for a whopping ONE KILO at Amazon here. BARGAIN!!!

After about ten minutes soaking, it's time to get serious with and remaining hard skin or callouses. Not everyone will need this step and if you are diabetic or on steroids then its not for you but after a winter in boots, my feet need a miracle and this is it. A foot shaver!! There are loads of these available including a posh version costing £9.90 from Tweezerman available from allbeauty here  but mine was a super bargain at just £1.25 INCLUDING p&p from ebay here. Now obviously this tool has to be used with caution. If you fire straight in, hacking away at your heels, you could hurt yourself, but used carefully, after soaking your feet, this little tool will leave your feet as soft as a baby's bum - or it's feet at least!

This is my favourite step. Take one foot at a time out of the soak and massage with a really good foot exfoliator. Use your favourite, mine is by Champneys and costs £6 here. It contains Olive Oil, peppermint and orange oils which leave my feet tingling and smooth.

If you have the time, rather than a regular foot cream, apply a mask like Heel Genius from Soap and Glory, available here. Simply apply generously, then wrap your feet in cling film and let the mask do its job. This product can actually be left on overnight if necessary and washes off easily leaving your feet feeling and looking healthy and well conditioned with a subtle gleam. SEXXXY!!!

So now that your feet are soft and gorgeous, it's time to sort out the nails. The first thing to do is to groom your cuticles. There are all sorts of cuticle creams out there but if you don't have one, I find olive oil works perfectly. Just dab onto your cuticles and massage in pushing the cuticles back as you go. If your cuticles are particularly stubborn you can use a cuticle stick for this but resist the urge to attack them with nail scissors. Trimming your cuticles not only encourages them to grow back unevenly but can result in fungal nail infections - YUCK!!!

We all know how to file our nails but toe nails are a little different. When removing excess length, file straight across resisting the urge to shape towards the sides which is a sure fire way to land yourself with painful ingrown toenails. OUCH!!! 

Before choosing which of this year's gorgeous summer colours to apply, remember to use a base coat. Not only can it smooth out ridges and other imperfections but it will prevent your toe nails from staining. Next apply two coats of polish remembering to take the polish over the ends of the nails to prevent chipping.  Finally I like to use a top coat to help dry the varnish more quickly and extend the life of my pedicure. 

So now my winter hooves are fit to strut their stuff in sexy summer sandals, its time to go shopping. Watch this space for a post sharing my favourites......
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