Friday, 30 May 2014

Lipstick Trends Gone Bad: Lipstick Trends Gone Bad:

Hi Everyone!

My name is Stacey and I'm the creator of the blog Polished Ways. My blog is devoted to nail polish and beauty hauls and reviews; although sometimes, I may veer of course a bit if there is something I'd like to discuss that I'm passionate about.  I'm relatively new in the blog-sphere; however, I've been around for a while as a You Tube nail polish, beauty and wax vlogger. I found I enjoy writing a blog more than making videos, and since I enjoy that more, I decided to embrace my love and go full throttle. 

I'm very opinionated,  and not afraid of controversy. When Jules asked me to submit a guest post, I didn't know what to do, so I decided to submit this post which is currently up on my blog. After reading this, you will either hate me or love me. All I have to say is whichever it is, I respect your choice, and thank you for your feedback, good, bad, or indifferent.

Lipstick Trends Gone Bad:

The greatest thing about being an American is The First Amendment,  otherwise known as Freedom of Speech. Until the powers that be remove this Constitutional right from us (which I’m sure will happen eventually), I am utilising the First Amendment for this blog post. If I offend you in anyway, then you may as well start reading another blog, because my blog is about truth, justice and the American way…. No, not really, just truth from a very opinionated 50 year-old woman.

Maybe I’m from a different time, but I’m certainly not from a different planet. Makeup is supposed to enhance our beauty, not make us look like an alien who just escaped Area 51. I've often wondered, why do people feel the need to buy some horribly disgusting beauty products just because a company produces them? Part of me thinks the cosmetic companies are doing this as a psychological test. Unfortunately the buyers are the test subjects.

What I’m talking about is this:

Seriously, Green, Blue, Yellow (not shown above) and White lipstick? NYX, what the heck are you thinking? Did you just come off of a really wild acid trip? I know the Goth chicks dig black, and all I can say to that is, whatever. 

Seriously? Do you think that's attractive?

If you’re going for the circus freak look, then go ahead and wear your white, blue and green lipstick, but if you’re out there looking for man, the only one you’re going to find is one who is colour blind.  (No offence to those colour blind individuals, sometimes I’m envious of you). Who knows, he may just be the man of your dreams, but you are limiting your options.  

Looks like they've all been drinking the blue toilet water

If you’re going for the just killed looked, then perhaps this is the way to go. I don’t know if you've seen a dead person, but their lips are bluish-gray with hints of white. Is that really the look you want? Do you want to be known as that weirdo with the green lips? When I saw the photo of the NYX coloured macaroon lipsticks that prompted this post, I asked several of my male coworkers what they would think if they saw a woman wearing these colours. Unanimously they all said one word….PSYCHO! Sorry ladies, but I have to agree.

I'm speechless... I have no words... This has never happened to me before

While I was looking though the pictures on Google, I realised most of the images were of celebrities or fashion models, like the ones pictured here. They were not real people, like you and me. I saw a picture of the beautiful Halle Berry with royal blue lips. I really felt the urge to run out and give her some oxygen at 5 litres via a nasal cannula. I wanted to reach out and give the woman with the green lips some Antivert or Bonnie, so she wouldn't feel seasick anymore. Girls, why are you making yourselves FUGLY? If you truly like this look and have large enough ovaries to carry it off, then good for you, wear it well, and wear it proud.

Excuse me Miss, but you seem to have some moss growing from your mouth

Regardless if Lime Crime, Dior, or in this case NYX and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics makes these hideous colours, use the brain that God gave you and buy some pretty pink, purples, reds or corals with your money. If you’re looking for a job at Barnum and Bailey, then you might as well go for it, because I’m sure you’ll fit right in with the rest of the Circus Freaks; although I’m pretty sure you’ll scare the fleas off of Jo-Jo the Dog Faced Boy.

The images below, looked to me like the average woman.  Women who carpool,  take their kids to soccer, dance, and gymnastics, don’t go touting around town looking like a corpse and/or freak. If you do, not only are you an embarrassment to your children, but you’re an embarrassment to woman kind. I’d like to ask for your girl card back……

Easy Branches


If this was not enough, I can hardly deal with coloured mascara. Thank heavens that was a very short lived fad in the 70’s. If you all decide to bring back the bouffant hairdo, I’m running away to become a troll who lives under a bridge.


Owner, Creator, and Sarcastic Writer of

Polished Ways

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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

What's on My Kindle! What's on My Kindle!

One of the things I love about holidays is having the time to lie back on a sun bed, with a cocktail at my side and catch up on my reading. This year I am really excited by the selection I have downloaded onto my Kindle so I thought I would share them with you.

1. Where the Bodies are Buried by Christopher Brookmyre; This is a whodunit, set in my home town of Glasgow by a hugely acclaimed author. It is exactly my kind of book and I can't wait to get started.

2. Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell; This is an old classic but although I have seen the film more than once, I am ashamed to say that I have never read the book. That is something I will put right before the end of this holiday. 

3. The Railway Man by Eric Lomax is not a book I am familar with. I downloaded it after reading another blogger rave about it. I feel awful that I can't remember who it was. If it was you, let me know and I will link you here.

4. Mad About You by Sinaid Moriarty is a book I know I am going to love. The author has been compared to Marian Keys and the book is about people and their lives and relationships. Perfect for a day by the pool.

4. Dear Thing by Julie Cohen is a book with a more controversial theme. A women watches as her friends try to conceive unsuccessfully for years, offers to carry a child for them. I really hope this subject is dealt with sensitively but if it is, I can only imagine the emotional twists and turns that the character will face. 

5. The Lie by Helen Dunmore is a historical piece set during the great war. It is described as an enthralling, heart-wrenching novel of love, memory and devastating loss by one of the UK's most acclaimed storytellers. Sounds rather fabulous to me!

6. And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini is a rather special book. Written by the author of the Kite Runner and a Thousand Splendid Suns, the story is told via a series of interlinking tales which begin in an Afghanistan village in 1952 and span several continents over more than half a century. This book has been described as a masterpiece by a master story teller and if it lives up to the standard of the author's first two novels then I am in for a treat.

Have you read any of these books? Which was your favourite?

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Monday, 26 May 2014

Whats In My Case For My Beach Holiday Whats In My Case For My Beach Holiday

I am not going to lie. I am not a big fan of packing for holidays. I never seem to get it quite right. I live in fear of being stuck abroad with nothing to wear (as if) so usually pack way too much and bring most of it back home unworn. This year I am going away for two weeks and will be spending it all in a beach resort. I was determined  that this year I would NOT be the one lugging the overstuffed case through the airport, so I have planned very carefully and am pretty pleased with my list. Here is what I am taking with me.

5 Bikinis - I bought the tops and bottoms separately and a few of them can be mixed and matched to make at least 10 different combinations,
5 Cover ups - Amongst this years selection, I am taking a couple of brightly coloured chiffon kaftans that I can also wear over a plain vest dress in the evening,
2 Maxi Dresses - one black and one orange,
2 playsuits - one white lace and the other floral. Both can be worn with flats during the day or wedges in the evening,
Top Shop V Neck Camisoles - I have 3 of these, in various colours and love how versatile they are,
H&M vest tops,
Levi Shorts,
A white Cardigan in case it gets chilly at night,
A nude Pashmina,
1 pair flip flops,
I pair of dressy flat sandals,
1 pair tan wedges,
A gold statement necklace,
Gold hoop earrings,
My Watch,
My Azuna Cuff,
Some silky nighties for coolness,

I hope this has given you some ideas for your holiday packing. Do you like to travel light or do you bring everything but the kitchen sink?

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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Perfect Playsuits Perfect Playsuits

Perfect Playsuits

Perfect Playsuits 

There is something about the sunshine that makes my winter uniform of black skinnies and a graphic tee worn with boots seem dull and boring. Suddenly I feel the urge to get my legs, and sometimes even my shoulders, out. I yearn for bright colours and florals. I start dreaming of the perfect playsuit. One that can be worn with flats for day or heels for night.

What do you think of these? I want to go SHOPPING!!!

Motel floral romper

Floral romper

Glamorous floral romper
$59 -

Missguided print romper
$50 -

AX Paris Rose Playsuit - USC
$50 -

Pink Rose Floral Sleeveless Zip Playsuit Billie Faiers Towie
$29 -

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Friday, 23 May 2014

My Favourite Sunglasses My Favourite Sunglasses

Who doesn't love sunglasses? Whatever the size, shape or colour, there is something about slipping on a pair of shades that makes us all, instantly feel more glamorous. I tend to buy myself a new pair of sunglasses at the start of every summer, so have built up quite a collection over the years. Some are really quite dated now but a few have survived the test of time and have earned their place in my all time favourites.
So which sunglasses made this years edit???
First up are the oldest pair I have; my Guccis which I bought on my way to the Dom Rep to get married. I adore the retro styling of these shades, and the elegant cat's eye shape of the frames. When I put these glasses on, I instantly feel like a movie star from days gone by.
My next choice were my first pair of Ray Ban's, the instantly recognisable Aviators. I bought these shades several years ago in Amsterdam Airport and they were the biggest, darkest Aviators available in duty free. They are another real favourite.
Last in are my Ray Ban Wayfarers which I use as my everyday sunglasses. I bought these quite recently during a spot of drunken online spending but I love them - so no regrets. It is the classic styling of these that appeals to me. That and the fact I can push my hair back with them and they never get tangled.

These things matter to girls....

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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Whats in my Beauty Bag - Beach Holiday Edit Whats in my Beauty Bag - Beach Holiday Edit

Packing my beauty bag for a fortnight abroad is ridiculously hard. Trying to predict what beauty products I will need or want for the next two weeks is almost impossible. I make lists that go on and on - if I took every product on the list, there would be no room in my case for clothes. So I have tried to be brutal. To really cut it down to the bare minimum. Yet somehow I have still ended up with a shameful THREE full bags of products. So here is what made the cut. 


A large Aussie Shampoo,
A handful of hair masks by Argan Dew, Charles Worthington and others.
The travel sized Moroccan Oil,
Superdrug Own Brand Hair Protector
Paul Mitchell's HydroWhip Cream


Cotton Pads,
DHC Deep Cleansing Oil and facecloths,
balanceMe Radiance Face Oil
8 hour cream,
Decleor Iris Night Balm,
Elemis Pro Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment,
Rodial 5 min Facial,
Jurlique Moisturising Cream,
Soap and Glory Facial SPF 50


Variety of SPF,
Kors Body Lotion,
Sephora Body Shimmer,
Nail File,
Cheeky Nail Paint - Chat Me Up
Nail Varnish Wipes,
Tooth Brush,

Make Up and Brushes;

L'Oreal Nude Eau De Teint,
Nanshy Stippling Brush,
Top Shop Highlighter in Crescent Moon,
Real Techniques Setting Brush,
Nars Blushes in Deep Throat and Angelika,
Real Techniques Blush Brush,
Mac Lipsticks in Morange, Ruby Woo and Haute Attitude,
Mac Lipliners in Scarlet and Subculture,
Miss Manga Mascara,
By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Brown Perfection,
HD Brows in Foxy,
Nars Eye Liner Stylo,
Mac 263 and Brow Brush,
Brow Gel,
Estee Lauder Eyeshadow Palette,
Mac 217,
Nanshy Eye Crease,
Sephora 25
RT blending brush and detailer.


So those are the beauty products I couldn't live without for 14 days. What would yours be?

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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

My Airplane Beauty Routine My Airplane Beauty Routine

As my regular readers know, I am a very nervous flyer but I love to travel so much that I refuse to give in to it. Over the years I have developed a little beauty routine that helps to keep me calm throughout the flight. 
As soon as the plane is in the air, I open a sachet of Argan Dew Hair Oil and apply it to the mid-lengths and ends of my hair. I brush it through with my tangle teezer to make sure it is evenly distributed then twist my hair into an updo and fix in place with a bobble and some kirbies. 
I then take off my makeup and cleanse my face thoroughly with cotton pads soaked in Bioderma. Once clean, I apply a thick layer of a hydrating face mask like the Origins Drink It Up which I adore. I leave that on through out the flight topping it up whenever it sinks in. At regular intervals I apply an eye cream like the balanceMe offering which is easily absorbed and smells delicious. I also keep my lips well moisturised with something really nourishing like the Bomb Cosmetics delicious lip balm. I give my hands a little TLC too, regularly rubbing 8 hour cream into my cuticles and applying copious amounts of hand cream. Throughout the flight I concentrate on drinking lots and lots of water so as I hydrate my skin from the outside, I am hydrating from the inside too. Despite the fear, I try to avoid too much alcohol which would undo all my hard work. Half an hour before I am due to arrive, I remove the mask, with another cotton wool pad. I apply a very light makeup: concealer, brow gel, mascara, a light lippy and a touch of blusher. I let my hair down, give it a quick brush and a jooj and I am good to go.

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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

What is in my Flight Bag What is in my Flight Bag

By the time you're reading this, I will be aboard a Ryanair special on my way to sunny Kos. I didn't want to leave Lippylikes all alone while I was away, so I have scheduled a series of travel posts which will go up every other day of my holiday. 
Today I thought I would share with you what I packed in my flight bag.
The bag itself was a wonderfully generous but hopelessly impractical gift from my husband - this beautiful white Mulberry. I love this bag but can really only use it for holidays. It is a perfect flight bag though as it holds so much but fits easily under an airplane seat.
I am a bit of a nervous flyer so I make sure I pack plenty to keep me occupied during the flight.
First in the bag is my Kindle, freshly loaded with lots of new beach reads.
Next in are my i-phone and headphones. This is particularly important as music blocks out those scary airplane noises that make me think the wing is about to fall off.
I've got into the habit of carrying a notebook wherever I go so I packed this and my pretty Swarovski pen in case I need to make lists, note blog ideas or just draw rude caricatures of my husband.
Despite living in Scotland, I never leave home without my sunglasses. I will probably pack a few pairs for the holiday, but these Rayban Wayfarers are my everyday choice.
I know my purse is pretty battered but it was another present from my OH and I use it every day and probably will do till it literally falls apart. 
Next in my flight bag is a mirror - I have to keep an eye on my lippy after all.
The last item I pack into my flight bag is my regulation clear plastic bag containing my liquids. This bag is jam packed with all of the following;
some decanted Bioderma, 
cotton pads, 
a hydrating mask, (I like the Origins one),
an eye cream by balanceMe, 
Caudalie Moisturising Spray, 
an Optrex eye spray,
a Bomb Cosmetics lip balm,
BalanceMe hand cream,
8 hour cream, unscented,
hair oil by Argan Dew,
a Concealer, 
a nude Lippy - haute attitude,
a Cheek pop,
and bobbles.

When I get to the airport, I will generally buy myself a few extra wee treats like a couple of magazines, some tissues and always some Werther's Originals to beat the dreaded popping ears.

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Monday, 19 May 2014

Perfect Summer Flats Perfect Summer Flats

The sun is out, I have painted my toe nails and am ready to put my boots away - well at least occasionally. But before I can do that, I have to find the perfect summer flats. The problem for me though isn't that I can't find a pair I like, it's trying to resist buying every single pair. Which are your favourites?

Perfect Summer Flats

Perfect Summer Flats 

Warehouse t strap sandals
$47 -

Dorothy Perkins black shoes

Topshop real leather shoes

Decorating shoes
$34 -

Metallic Cut-out Sandals | Women | George at ASDA
$20 -

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Sunday, 18 May 2014

L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream

L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream

L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream

I love foundation. I love the promise of perfect skin that comes with every new purchase. I love the look of that airbrushed finish, all imperfections concealed, contours added and highlighter applied. I love makeup and so its no surprise I love a made up look. But not every day. Some days I want to get up and go. To look a little less done but to still look great. L'Oreal describe their Nude Magique BB Cream as a bare skin beautifier and promise it will mimic the texture and glow of perfect bare skin with 24 hour hydration and SPF 12. Sound good? It certainly did to me. I picked up mine in Boots and it cost me £9.99. There were only two shades, light and medium. I am a medium 1.5 in Nars and NC 30 in Mac so I didn't hesitate to choose the medium over light. When I got it home and tried it I was surprised to find that the cream was more of a light lotion. What really struck me about it though was the pale grey colour. L'Oreal say this is self adjusting and when applied will adapt perfectly to your skin tone. So I first applied this with my fingers and frankly I was horrified. It was a dreadful orange colour and made my skin look really patchy and uneven. No way could I have left the house. I quickly reached for my Bioderma and a cotton pad and threw this in the back of a drawer. It lay there for a few weeks silently mocking me. I hate to be defeated by a makeup product though and £9.99 is quite a lot of money to me so I decided to give this a second chance. I cleansed my face and moisturised well. I then put some of the product onto the back of my hand and got out my beloved Nanshy foundation brush (my Nanshy review is here.) I used the brush to stipple the lotion all over my face. As I applied it, the lotion changed from its pale grey. I have to admit it still seemed pretty orange and was WAY too dark for me but with the brush it applied much more evenly. I was determined to give this product a fair trial so wore it to work and it lasted quite well. To be honest though I really did not feel it offered any coverage at all and am unlikely to use it again. Sorry L'Oreal, the Nude Magique BB cream really wasn't for me and I wouldn't recommend it. If you do fancy giving this one a shot though, definitely buy it in Light.

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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Rouge Edition Velvet by Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet by Bourjois

So I know that I am a little late to jump on this particular bandwagon. I know that every blogger and their Mum have written a review on this product already. But I am not just a blogger, I am an avid blog reader too. And when the blogosphere collectively falls in love with a product, I simply have to have it. 

There are currently eight shades available;

01 Classic Red
02 Red Berry with Pink Undertones
03 Orangey Red
04 Soft Coral
05 Deep Raspberry
06 Berry Toned Fuschia
07 Tawny Nude
08 Burgundy


It wasn't easy to choose but after a lot of swithering, and an arm full of swatches, I settled for 04 which is a lovely soft coral-red, which I thought would look amazing with a tan. This is a liquid lippy which I found applied really easily with it's doe foot applicator. The colour was very opaque and one swipe gave a really bold look. It initially looked quite glossy but dried to a beautiful matte finish. Unusually for a matte lippy though it felt really soft and creamy on my lips. I have heard people talk about the lasting power of this product but to be honest, on me, it really wasn't anything special. Bourjois talk about 24 hour hold and frankly, it didn't come close. Without food, on me, the colour lasted for around 3 hours but as soon as I ate, the colour wore off from the centre of my lips leaving me with that very unattractive thick line round the edges. 
The joy of this product though was that unlike others of its type, it was easy to reapply with no flaking. 

I have worn this lippy a few times now and I really do like it. The colour is strong, the matte finish looks amazing, the effect is just effortlessly cool. 
Is it my holy grail lip product?  No!
Was it worth £8.99? Absolutely?
Will I buy more?  06 - Come to Momma!!!

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Friday, 16 May 2014

The Juice Cube The Juice Cube

I don't care what Droid users say, I am an apple addict. I love my iphone 5 and wouldn't change it for anything - except an iphone 6! My husband is an HTC kinda guy and loves to loathe anything apple but I won't hear a word against them. Just between us though, I can't deny it, the battery really sucks! I live in Glasgow but often commute to Edinburgh which is less than an hour away. I like to spend the journey checking out my favourite blogs and reading my besties' tweets. More often than not though, I spend the journey home, staring out the window wishing apple would do something about their battery life. But not any more!
Meet the Juice Cube!

Just charge it up, chuck it in the bottom of your bag and forget about it until the next time you run out of power. And if you want to check how much juice is left in your cube, just give it a shake and count the lights.

Its genius!!!!!

The Juice Cube is approved by apple and is available from Amazon in lots of great colours for £24.95 here

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Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Yummiest Lip Balms Ever from Bomb Cosmetics The Yummiest Lip Balms Ever from Bomb Cosmetics

Two Little Jars of Lip Balm

I may have just mentioned this once or twice but on Tuesday of next week I am headed off to Greece for a couple of weeks of fun in the sun. I am super excited about it. I love holidays, relaxing in the sun, soaking up the rays with a cocktail at my side. Something else you will always find beside me as I lounge about by the pool is a lip product of some kind. My lips are really sensitive to the sun and I have to be really careful or I end up with peeling sore lips which is not an attractive look. I own lots of different lip products but I am really enjoying these lip balms from Bomb Cosmetics at the moment. If you haven't heard of them, Bomb Cosmetics are a British company who have been around for more than 14 years and export their adorable beauty products to over 45 countries world wide. They use only the best ingredients, natural butters and pure essential oils. They try to minimise packaging, are cruelty free and all that good stuff. They make lots of different products including their original bath blasters, home fragrances, candles and a full range of face and body products. When I was sent these two little lip balms by the company, if I am honest, I didn't expect much. As I said at the start, I have lots of lip products and wasn't sure if these would stand out. When they arrived I wasn't keen on the packaging. I wear acrylic nails so I prefer a balm that applies like a lipstick rather than having to stick my finger into the jar every time. I did like the look of the jars though. They were quite funky and reminded me of pop art which I am a big fan of. I also loved the names of the balms, mine were Lip Locker and Lipology Intense. But it wasn't until I unscrewed the lids of the jars that I understood just how special these balms were. I opened LipLocker first and was blown away by the smell. It is described as Raspberry Pavlova and thats exactly right. Its more than just raspberries, you really can smell the meringue and cream. Made to make your mouth water!! I opened the second and it was even better than the first. I swear to god it smells exactly like a chocolate orange. It wasn't synthetic like these type of fragrances usually are, if you closed your eyes, you would taste it. 
I am not going to lie to you, the most special thing about these balms is how delicious they smell but as far as balms go, they do the business. They are not too waxy, they apply really easily and they feel lovely on. My lips have been quite dry recently and I found these really soothing, super moisturising, just really good balms. 
All of the Bomb products are very reasonably priced with these adorable little lip balms costing just £2.49 each. You can check out the website here although with standard delivery costing a pricey £3.95 you may prefer to visit one of the many independent stores who stock the range. 

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