Thursday, 30 January 2014

Asos Insiders - AccessAllAsos Asos Insiders - AccessAllAsos

Who doesn't love ASOS? Not me! I have loved ASOS forever. So when I heard about ASOS Insiders - lucky folk who get to hear first about new collections, are invited to exclusive events and sometimes even get to visit ASOS Headquarters to see how the company works, well I might have turned an unflattering shade of green.
So I did my research and being from the Uk and over 16, I was thrilled to learn that I qualified. I filled out an application form and prayed!
It seemed like forever but was probably just a few weeks later when I learned that I had been accepted. WOOHOO!!!!
So that was just a month ago but already I love being an ASOS Insider. We have access to a dedicated section of the website and the ASOS Insider Twitter Account. I can't wait to attend my first event but in the meantime, look what popped through my letterbox today.

Wasn't that just adorable? 
Thank you ASOS x

If you want to apply to become an Asos Insider, you will find the application form on their website. But beware! There is an amazing sale on at the moment so have your card at the ready! 

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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Makeup for Valentines Night by Illamasqua Makeup for Valentines Night by Illamasqua

If you are planning your makeup for Valentines Day, you need look no further than your local Illamasqua counter. 
I'm the One is a collection of Reds! 
Did I say red??? 
This collection is Scarlet - very wearable, yet super sexy and utterly appropriate for Valentines.
If you are a fan of Illamasqua, you will recognise three of the shades as Illamasqua classics, while one is brand spanking new. 
Together they will transform you into a strong, sexy, scarlet woman, ready for a night of love.
First up is a lip pencil in the shade Feisty - it's not just any old lip pencil though, this one is rich and creamy making it a breeze to perfectly outline and fill in your lips - available at £14.
Next apply lipstick in the shade Maneater. This is a beautiful formulation which adds a strong pop of colour that will not need reapplying all night - available at £14.50.
Finish your lips with a lipgloss in the shade Touch which is infused with tiny particles of shimmer to make your lips look full, luscious and utterly kissable - available for £14.50.
 And don't forget Throb for that final touch, paint your nails with just two coats of this deep, blood-red polish for a sexy, sophisticated finish to your look - available for £14.50.
I am a huge fan of all Illamasqua products and these colours are perfect for your Valentine's makeup if you have a date. 
If you don't? Well if you are wearing these products, you are sure to get one.
Best of all, this Valentine's day - look stunning in scarlet - just for yourself!
#Imtheone #loveyourself #colouroflove 

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Monday, 27 January 2014

NARSissist Eye Palette NARSissist Eye Palette


I know the last thing any of us need is another palette of neutral eyeshadows but as soon as I saw the photographs of this little beauty, I just had to have this NARSissist Eyeshadow Palette.

The palette comes in the familiar Nars packaging that we all either love or hate - personally I love it. I love the look of the matte black case , the feel of it in my hands, the click as I open the palette. I also really appreciate the large mirror on the underside of the lid. Its size and quality is so good that I could quite easily apply a full face of makeup with only this mirror. 

But despite how beautiful the Nars packaging is, the star of this particular show is of course the shadows inside. Fifteen gloriously buttery, highly pigmented neutrals with a difference; some are matte, some are shimmery, some are frosted but all are quite beautiful. 

The colours range from warm to cool toned so there is truly something for everyone and with the variety included here, a look for every occasion.

The NARSissist palette starts bottom left with a shimmering highlight and moves through "your skin but better" shades, progressing to peach tones and transitional shades, to deeper crease colours and finishing with rich dark colours perfect for a dramatic smokey eye.

I swatched without a primer using my usual eyeshadow brush so you can see just how great the colour payoff is. 

What you can't see because of the very poor light today, is the beautiful depth of colour that each of the shadows have. 

I have been using this palette every day since I received it last week and have really enjoyed it. I have never tried Nars eyeshadows before and I am blown away by their quality. The textures are so soft, they apply super smoothly and blend together seamlessly. My eye makeup has lasted all day long without creasing or fading, unusual for me as I have quite oily eyelids. Best of all though, I just love the colours and how they work with each other so effortlessly beautiful.

This is far from being just another neutrals palette, it is a sophisticated combination of the most beautiful eye shadows I have ever owned. This palette was quite pricey at £55 from SpaceNK here but if you can scrape the pennies together, then don't miss out on this beauty which should be back in stock on 1st February. 
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Friday, 24 January 2014

Beauty Naturals - High Quality, Natural, Cruelty Free Beauty Beauty Naturals - High Quality, Natural, Cruelty Free Beauty

As a lover of all things beauty, I love nothing more than to browse around beauty counters looking for new products. Recently though as I have become more aware of what is in the products I put on my skin, I have noticed that it can be difficult to find products which are premium quality, natural ingredients and cruelty free at prices which are kind to my purse.
I was thrilled then when I discovered "Beauty Naturals" - a family run business established over 40 years ago to provide a comprehensive and affordable selection of high quality, natural, health home and beauty products which are cruelty free and environmentally friendly. I was even more thrilled when Beauty Naturals offered to send me a selection of their products to try and what a lovely selection they chose.

First out of the package was an eyebrow pencil - the Palladio Brow Pencil in brown. I don't use a pencil in my daily brow routine (check it out here) but I will definitely give it a try. I loved that it had a spoolie on the end to comb through the brow and the texture was lovely. The blend of natural waxes is said to maintain healthy brows which is a bonus and the colour is a very natural cool toned brown. 

Can't wait to try it, and if you would like to, it is priced at £7.00 here.


Next out of the package was the Palladio Precision Lip Liner in Cranberry. I use Lip Liners most days but unlike my usual pencils made from wax, this unique silicone based liner offers great colour payoff, applies really smoothly and best of all lasts and lasts and lasts. Priced at £5.60 here this is available here in lots of different colours and is well worth a look.

First of all, can I just say how much I love the packaging of the Rice Paper Tissues. So stylish! Who wouldn't love to carry this in your purse on a night out? But these little beauties aren't just pretty they are really practical too. If you tend to shine a little after a few hours out on the town then you really should carry a little pack of these to freshen up, remove excess oil leaving the skin beautifully matte. The clever thing about this product is that one side is simply matte and blots the excess oil, while the other side is coated with very fine rice paper to give a finished look. I think this is a bit of a bargain at £4.50 for 40 sheets here so a definite repurchase for me.

But I have saved the best till last. The final item out of the box was the Skin Revivals 24 Hour Balm. This is a product ideally suited to my skin type. It is a rich creamy balm which provides optimal hydration to dry or stressed skin. I don't want you to worry about it being too heavy, because although it took a few moments to be absorbed, once it had sunk in, it left no residue. After using it, my skin felt very comfortable and almost plumped up and my make up applied really well. Continued use is said to improve texture and to firm and soften. I will be using this balm whenever my skin feels in need of extra hydration and I would recommend it if you have mature or dehydrated skin. The Skin Revivals 24 Hour Balm is priced at just £16.00 for 100 mls of 90.8% organic premium skincare - bargain!!!! Buy yours here. 

In conclusion, I just wanted to make it clear that this is NOT a sponsored post. I was sent these products to try and was under no obligation to review them at all and if I hadn't liked them, be sure, I would have told you. The truth is that if you are interested in what is in the products you put on your skin, then you really have to look at the huge range of products available on the Beauty Naturals website.
Let me know what you think?
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Thursday, 23 January 2014

LW Darker than Dark Glam Tan LW Darker than Dark Glam Tan

How exciting!! LW Tan, formally known as Lauren’s Way, today introduce their all new tanning product for 2014 – Darker Than Dark Glam Tan. This is a tan which is perfect for those looking for a deep, dark tan with no fuss application. Aren't we all??? 
The Darker than Dark range is fab for olive/darker skin tones and experienced tanners! Darker Than Dark gives a deeply bronzed, intense colour in just one application.
Blended with cocoa, rose petal, jasmine and passion flower, the products have a hint of citrus - nothing biscuity here!
There are two products in the range. 
The first is the Bronzing Lotion, a lasting self tan formula, which also provides an instant bronzed glow. The Lotion has a thick, liquid consistency, meaning it glides on skin easily. 
If you prefer a lighter texture, the bronzing Mousse is a velvety soft, light self tan formula. Easy to apply, it provides a silky smooth glow. 
Priced at just £17.95 for the Lotion and £19.95 for the Mousse, these products are fab for olive/darker skin tones and experienced tanners giving a deeply bronzed, intense colour in just one application.
Check it out at 
Can't wait to give it a try x
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Monday, 20 January 2014

Perfect Eyebrows Perfect Eyebrows

Perfect eyebrows can add so much to our appearance; framing the face, adding expression, even giving a non surgical brow lift. Bad brows though can definitely make us look sad and grumpy and can leave the eyes looking tired or even hooded. So it is definitely worth putting a bit of time and effort into getting your brows looking great but exactly how do you go about it.
In a perfect world you would just pop down to your nearest HD approved salon and get your brows shaped professionally. I have had it done and I highly recommend it. First my brows were dyed then waxed, threaded, plucked, cut and coloured in a quest to create the perfect shape for my face. 
If that isn't an option though, don't despair, it is absolutely possible to create the perfect eyebrows at home.

So the first thing to do is to whip those brows into shape. First of all brush your brows upwards with a spoolie or brow brush. Mine is from QVS at Asda Direct and was just £2.98 - bargain! Use nail scissors to trim any longer brow hairs. 
Next you can either use a stencil or simply draw your desired shape in white pencil.  Remember the space between the eyebrows should be equal to the width of an eye, and each brow should start directly above the nostril. To work out where your brows should end, hold a pencil from your nose to the end of your eye. That is where the tail of your brow should stop. To minimise the discomfort, take a flannel soaked in warm water, squeeze it out thoroughly and hold it against the eyebrow for 30 seconds or so to open the pores. Then hold the skin taut, take a pair of slanted tweezers and remove all hair from outside the white line. To keep the brows even it's probably best to take two or three hairs from one brow then even up the other before continuing. As  far as Tweezers are concerned, I do not recommend you buy a cheap pair. The better their shape and the sharper they are, the less painful tweezing your eyebrows will be. The best tweezers in my opinion are by Tweezerman but don't take my word for it, they are recommended by celebs and makeup artists everywhere. The best price I could find was £9.95 from Amazon here. Buy them, its a bargain, they can cost up to £20.00 elesewhere.
Do not overtweeze. Nothing is less flattering than overtweezed brows and it is a very dated look. Where brows are concerned, more is definitely more. 
Once you are happy with the shape of your brows, its time to perfect them.

For colour I use the HD brow kit in Foxy. This palette is pricy at £19.99 here but it really is a brilliant kit. Highly pigmented so a little goes a long way and lasts all day. This palette is specifically for brunettes. If you are blonde, I suggest you match the colour you use to the darkest of your brow hairs, if you are a redhead then try sable and if you are grey haired stick to taupe.

To apply the colour, I take a tiny amount of the bottom right colour onto a Mac 263 brush. This is a cool dark shade but if you wanted a warmer version, use the shade to its left. I outline my brows then use the real techniques brush to blend the outline inwards. 

I then take a little more product and fill in any gaps. If I want a bolder look for night time, I mix a little of the carbon shade in at this point. Next I take the nude shade and outline my brows top and bottom. If you don't have this kit, a concealer would do the same job. It just makes your brows appear perfectly groomed, always a great look.

To finish apply a brow gel to set your brows. No need to go for an expensive brand of gel, I have found them all to do the same job so any one will do. The best price I found was the one from Gosh at Superdrug here for just £2.99.
So those are my tips for perfect eyebrows. Have I missed anything out? Let me know in the comments below x
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Sunday, 19 January 2014

And the Winner Is...... And the Winner Is......

My readers will remember almost a month ago, I hit 500 followers and decided to celebrate with a Christmas Giveaway to thank you all for your friendship and support. I had been having such fun putting together my own Mac palette that I decided it would be just perfect to give one lucky follower her very own Mac Quad filled with her favourite four Mac Eyeshadows. 
So the Giveaway ran for 4 weeks and there were a whopping 4014 entries from all over the world. You can imagine how thrilled I was then, when Rafflecopter worked its magic and announced that the winner was one of our own - Georgia, from the fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog, Mapped Out.
I quickly emailed Georgia and broke the exciting news that she was my winner. I also asked her to write a short paragraph introducing herself to you, so here she is!

 photo b1e5d2d9-a7e8-4f4a-abf4-ca34b3420a6e_zps88ccd15b.jpg

"I'm Georgia, from over at Mapped Out - a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog. I would firstly like to say a massive thank you to LippyLikes for my Mac palette. This is my first ever piece of make-up from Mac would you believe! I can't wait to start using it! I only started my blog last November so blogging is still quite new to me. I had wanted to start my own blog for a long time as I have always had an interest in fashion and beauty and reading other peoples blogs. I thought my starting my own blog it would be a great way to voice my opinions on various products and just blog about things that interest me (and hopefully my readers!)
                                     Georgia xxx"

I have been reading Georgia's blog for  a while now and I definitely recommend it. She has a really original blog with varied content, a lovely relaxed style and great photographs. Definitely one for your reading list.

Georgia initially chose as her 4 eyeshadows, the shades Shroom, Naked Lunch, Satin Taupe and Quarry. Unfortunately, Naked Lunch was sold out in store and online, so she chose as an alternative the shade Jest, which is actually one of my all time favourite Mac shadows.

What a gorgeous palette this will be. I think Georgia chose really well. She will be able to put together so many looks with this palette - I can't wait to see her review them all.

So thanks very much for entering everyone, and look out for my next giveaway. It will have to be an extra special one as it will mark me reaching my next milestone, a biggie, when I achieve 1000 followers.

Let me know if you have any suggestions for what that giveaway should be....

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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

My Skincare Routine - The Best Morning Cleansers Ever My Skincare Routine - The Best Morning Cleansers Ever

As I have got older, I have become more aware of the importance of looking after my skin. After all, no matter how fabulous your makeup, it can only enhance, not disguise, the condition of your skin.
For years now I have scoured the Internet, looking for advice and recommendations. Finally, through research, and trial and error, I have learned enough to write a book on the subject. Being a blogger though, not an author, what I propose to do, is write a weekly series on my skincare routine, sharing my secrets and making recommendations of products which really work.
There is no better place to start than in the morning - so this weeks topic is my morning cleanse.
To be perfectly honest with you, for years I skipped this step entirely. Instead of cleansing my skin in the morning, I simply splashed my face with cold water to wake myself up. I justified this by reasoning that I had cleansed the night before and had done nothing but sleep since then. How grotty is that? I only had to wipe my face with a clean cotton pad soaked in Micellar water, to see exactly how much grime accumulated on my face overnight, and that's not counting the sweat, and the dead skin cells. Eurgh.....
I have repented of my past skincare sins and now always, always, always, do a morning cleanse.
But what is the best cleanser to use?
I believe it is really good for the skin to vary the products you use. This is for a variety of reasons. Firstly I think the skin gets used to products and no matter how good they are, they lose their effectiveness if you use them too often.
Also, skin changes and as it changes, so does its needs; some mornings it may need moisture, others it looks dull and lifeless. I choose my cleanser each day to suit my skins needs.
Finally what I am looking for from my skincare can change; some days I need a speedy but effective cleanse, others I need something to wake me up and occasionally I have a little more time and want to treat my skin.
For all of these reasons I like to keep a variety of products in my bathroom cabinet.
So what cleansers do I turn to in the mornings?

On the mornings when I need to get up and go, I like to use a foaming face wash and the Nip+Fab Clean Fix Gel Cleanser, is in my opinion, the very best gel cleanser on the market. Although I use this in the morning, you could use it at any time of day. I have tested it and it removes make up effortlessly, even eye makeup without stinging the eyes at all. It smells really fresh and clean and that's exactly how my skin feels after I use it. But actually, this cleanser does much more than just clean. The Nip+Fab Clean Fix Gel has glycolic acid to brighten and re-texture, amino acids to purify, and green tea to tone and refresh - all in all a perfect wake me up. I paid over a tenner for this great gel cleanser and it is worth every penny. It comes fitted with a pump and just half a pump cleans my whole face so a little goes a long way. You can do much better than that though because Nip+Fab are selling this little beauty for a limited period at half price on their website. For just £4.95 this is really is a must have. Do not hesitate. Snap it up - here!

Some mornings though, my skin feels a little drier and I prefer to use a Cleansing Lotion. On those mornings, I turn to the Organic Surge Gentle Cleansing Lotion.

This is my favourite cleansing lotion of all time. It smells amazing with organic rosemary, lemon essential oils and chamomile, and it just so soothing and comforting on the skin. This is a very hydrating cleanser but is not at all oily, so is suitable for all skin types, particularly those feeling sensitive or irritable. I like to massage this lotion into my skin then simply wipe off with tissues or cotton wool while breathing in all those luscious essential oils. What a lovely start to the day! 
This product is available from health food stores and a number of websites but the cheapest stockist I could find today was actually Amazon who have it for just £5.95. A great price for a highly recommended Cleansing Lotion.

So those are my super speedy options. But there are days when I am in less of a rush and feel like devoting a little more time to my morning cleansing routine. Again I have a couple of choices of cleanser. Once or twice a week, I like to use my Clarisonic and when I do, the Gentle Hydro Cleanser is the one I reach for.

When I purchased the Clarisonic, it came with a foaming cleanser which was way too harsh for my mature skin. This Gentle Hydro Cleanser was the solution. I use this, combined with the sensitive brush head, and it gently but thoroughly cleanses and exfoliates, without ever leaving my skin red or irritated. This is admittedly quite an expensive product - the best price I found was £21 from Feel Unique - but you use such a tiny amount that it will last for ever. 

I have saved the best till last. Some mornings I just feel bleurgh. Maybe I was out the night before and am hung over, maybe my skin is dull and dehydrated,  maybe I just feel like treating my skin - on those occasions, I reach for my miracle balm. 

This natural cleansing balm is packed full of natural goodness, with ingredients such as shea butter, beeswax and finely milled oats. This product is suitable for all skin type but particularly perfect for sensitive or dehydrated skin. As you can see, it is a thick balm which melts in your hands and smells so heavenly that I find myself deep breathing as I massage it into my skin. When I am ready, I soak a flannel in warm water and simply wipe the balm away. It leaves absolutely no oily residue but does leave my skin looking plumped up, radiant and feeling super soft. I absolutely adore this product and really couldn't recommend it more highly. It is available priced at £20 from a number of stockist but this one called Gorgeous Shop has free UK delivery so go treat yourself and your skin to something a little bit special.

So those are, in my opinion, the best morning cleansers ever.
Have you tried them? Or do you have others that you prefer? I would love to hear from you with your thoughts and recommendations.
Next week I will look at Toners. In my young days these were an essential step in everyone's skin routine but they have fallen out of favour more recently. I never miss this step though and in my next skin care blog, I will share with you my reasons why. 

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Monday, 13 January 2014

Benefit's Best Primers Benefit's Best Primers

I am a huge believer that wearing great underwear can make all the difference to how you look and feel in your clothes, and to be honest, I really do believe that the same applies to your makeup. So when I was given this lovely little set of primers from Benefit, I was very excited to try them out.

The three primers I received were That Gal, a brightening face primer, the Pore-fessional, a primer to minimise the appearance of pores and Stay Don't Stray, an eye primer.

The first thing I noticed about That Gal was the delicious raspberry scent. It wasn't too strong but did add a girly edge to the experience. It has a light velvety texture, goes on smoothly and quickly sinks into the skin. As you guys know, I have a mature skin but even if your skin was combination or oily I think it would suit really well as it left no greasy residue behind at all. A little goes a very long way with this product, a tiny amount left my skin looking brighter and fresher. If you just wanted to give your skin a lift then you could wear this on its own but I wore it under my foundation and as well as adding luminosity, it definitely helped my foundation last till the end of my working day. This is not a cheap product at £22.50 for 11mls from Feel Unique but you use so little that I think the full size would last the best part of a year. The only word of caution would be that with its slight rosey undertone, this product could pull ashy on women of colour.

Next up was the Pore-Fessional. While this primer also smooths the skin, its primary function is not to brighten but to minimise the appearance of enlarged pores. Not only did I find it did so really effectively, it also blurred the fine lines I have developed under my eyes so that when I applied my foundation, it gave the impression of smooth flawless skin. Priceless to me and to anyone with but you can find it at Feel Fantastic for £25. 

The last treat in my little box of tricks was Stay Dont Stray. This is a primer made not just for the eyelid but the under eye area too. It comes in two shades, Light/Medium and Medium/Dark and both keep eye colour and concealer in place and uncreased all day. This product also contains anti ageing ingredients providing treatment at the same time as it covers. Genius! For me this product was as effective as the Urban Decay Primer Potion and the choice of skin tone in my view makes it the better product of the two. The best price I could find for this was £20.50 at Debenhams  but all three products are also of course available at Benefit Counters and the Benefit Website.
So hopefully this review has helped answer any questions you may have had about these products. If there is anything else you would like to ask, or if you have tried these products and have something to add, please comment below x
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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Images From My Week Images From My Week

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